Day Dreaming on the Job

A few weeks ago, I posted something on facebook, and I quote: “loves working at a yarn store. why? options…. so many options in color, yarn, patterns/designs, etc. ideas galore.” It’s true. Everyday, I find a yarn I like or a color and try to figure out what to make with it. If it requires two different colors, I’m a kid in a candy store. I love doing it!

So, I decided to share what I love to do at work when I play with the yarns. Today, I was looking at the Ty-dy Children’s Polka Dottie pattern. I love the colors they feature the pattern in as well (Ty-Dy Cotton Blue Pansy and Ty-Dy Dots Lavender). It also doesn’t take much of the this beautiful yarn.

The color options I decided are mixable. There could even be more than the ones I pulled off the shelf.

Dots color #120- Ivory  (it’s a white with purple and pink dots) with Ty-Dy colors #423 Veranda or #767 Tropicale






Dots color #100- Snow (cream with blue and green dots) with Ty-Dy color #699 Oceana




Dots color #762- Lavender with Ty-Dy color #376 Key West




Dots color #638- Seafoam with Ty-Dy color #631 Blueberry Fields





Dots color #218- Pink Ice with Ty-Dy color #265 Hibiscus

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