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Needed: Your Favorite Reference Book

Over on the Knitting Today facebook page, I posted a question.

What is your favorite reference book?

I don’t know if you all have seen my reference library.


Yep, I have four nine-cube cubbies full. I collection information, not necessarily patterns. So, I have a lot of reference books I could choose from.

Comment either here or on the Knitting Today Facebook Page with your favorite reference book. Once I get ten responses, I’ll post mine. We’ll see if anyone agrees.

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Potatoes and Hard Boiled Eggs in 4 Minutes!

Let’s Cook

I know Knitting Today is all about knitting, but life fits in there too, right? Life today consists of trying to figure out what I can make from food I have in the house since the thermometer reads 100 and my truck has no air plus the windows won’t roll back up if I roll them down.

What to make with red potatoes and eggs?

Egg Salad? But, I hate standing at the stove watching boiling water. I get so impatient. I want it done and move on. So, I move away a little bit and start cleaning, reading or doing whatever and next thing I know there is a mess all over the stove. Instant Pot to the rescue! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Instant Pot. I was really unsure though about doing hard boiled eggs in it. Well, let me tell you. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. If you have an Instant Pot, red potatoes and eggs, do it! (and if you want an Instant Pot, buy through my affiliate link below!)

Instant Pot Potato and Eggs

  1. Wash and scrub Red potatoes, cube
  2. put 1 1/2 cups water in the bottom of the Instant Pot
  3. Add a steamer basket
  4. Put potatoes in and top with five eggs
  5. Set to Manual and 4 minutes
  6. Quick release
  7. Remove eggs in ice water
  8. Put potatoes aside to cool
  9. Peel eggs when cool to the touch

Click the thumbnails for biggie pictures


I even made 7 more just eggs so I could add them to my salad. That’s teaser for another Life with Lea-Ann post.

P.S. If you want to buy an instant pot, here’s my affiliate link. Thanks!

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TNNA Overload

Searching for the perfect Yarn

Oh, my! I went to TNNA with one purpose. It was to find a yarn that I could use to design several projects for babies in order to teach some machine knitting technique classes over the next 9 months. Instead, I came home with about 17 project ideas. Because I fell in love with several hand knitting projects and am intrigued by the techniques to work them, Tom and I talked about my teaching hand knitting classes in person at “the Studio” [still trying to figure out what to call the old store] to a limited number of people. I need some opinions here.

Would you be interested in taking hand knitting technique classes once a month for a few months?

Now for some Eye Candy

Do you see a yarn in there suitable for baby knit projects? Um, just the one. Back to square one for my LK150 projects — choosing suitable yarn. My goal for the LK150 classes is to have at least one done this month. I have to get moving!

What about those in person classes??

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Three classes for only $12 each — today only!

Learn New Skills

Occasionally, Craftsy will put on a heck of sale and as an affiliate, I can’t help but promote it. Here’s my top three class choices on sale today only for $12 each:

Stripes, Slip-stitch olorwork, Colorwork cables, intarsia and stranded knitting. All good tools for your hand knitting arsenal, but did you know I can help you interpret these techniques on the machine within ClubKnit? Take Melissa Leapman’s Colorwork Made Easy class to get started.

What’s that? Eeek!! I think Crochet Toolkit might be the class I need:

“Better crochet fabric doesn’t have to mean big changes! In fact, you’re probably just a set of simple tips, tricks and techniques away from the results you want. Join designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby as he guides you through it all, starting with an easier way to read charts. Moving on, you’ll discover new stitches you can substitute for tidier edges or foundation chains. Dreaming of smooth, drapey fabric? Find out how linked stitches can close the gaps and make it happen. Then, add some “wow” techniques to your toolkit, such as crochet I-cord. Shannon will also guide you through some must-have math shortcuts for getting the perfect fit, and you’ll even end class with new takes on popular stitch patterns.”

Secrets of Gluten Free Baking
Non-fiber related, well sort of, hah hah — What about gluten free baking? I’ve been gluten-intolerant for a couple years now. Instead of avoiding it, I think I’ll learn how to make pie crusts, pancakes, and quick breads. Shoot, two loaves of GF bread is the cost of the class!

Will you join me on CRAFTSY and buy a class?



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Its time to Bind off!

Haley started Stellanti her final year in 4-H (2012??). She made it through to the last border section before putting it in the UFO closet because her stitch count didn’t match the pattern. I picked it up a couple years later and guess what I found . . . it was a simple matter of the yarnover being placed on the wrong side of the stitch marker! That’s all! I was able to drop the offending stitch down a couple rows and work it back up correctly and now, finally, its time to do the Bind Off!! Yes! So, instead of following the instructions, what do I do? I grab my favorite resource ….

But, guess what, I ended up following the instructions anyways because the one I chose from the book was the one she recommended in the pattern. Who would have thought! If you want to have an excellent resource book for your library, I highly recommend grabbing a copy from the link above. If you are looking for a nice, stretchy bind off for the edge of your lace shawl, look up Lace Bind Off! Enjoy!
P.S. And, yes, I’m binding off at my granddaughter’s gymnastics class. Where is the last place you bound off?

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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Clear The Clutter

Join ClubKnit Basic (Free)

Clutter Blocks Creativity

As I get ready to announce the new knitalong (Fisher Lassie), I find myself needing, yes NEEDING, to declutter my space. I go through this process of shutting down, body, mind and spirit. And then I realize the clutter is contributing. What do I need to do? Clear The Clutter! Do you have that problem? What do you do about it?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. clean off my desk. Only what I’m working on goes there. Oh wait . . . back that up . . . I get dressed!
  2. Then I check in with my accountability group hangout.
  3. then I work on the one thing I need to do on my desk.

Who am I trying to fool? LOL . . . . that’s wishful thinking. Here’s the actual scenario:

  1. get coffee.
  2. check facebook, email and instagram.
  3. get more coffee, read on the Kindle app.
  4. go the bathroom.
  5. get more coffee, read some more.
  6. remember I haven’t eaten yet.
  7. go upstairs to my office and think about what I need to get done.
  8. get more coffee……


brewing coffee

Well, you get the picture, right? I might get dressed by 4:30, because I know Tom is coming home and he would be appalled that I’ve managed to move from my office (Tara’s old bedroom) to the living room several times a day without encountering anyone or needing to step foot outside and thereby living in some pajama pants I bought for the purpose of comfort. AHHHHH, there is the crux of the matter. I work solo now. I have no accountability. I have no purpose. I have no reason. I have no routine. After two years of giving myself time to dream, research the software that makes the backend of ClubKnit, and build the website, I’m having trouble moving into the “doing” phase.

What is the “doing” phase?

The “Doing” phase is the part of the program where I actually put things on the website for sale. Where I video myself knitting and teaching (without actually teaching anyone, just pretending). Where I follow through on the projects I’ve set out to knit. And here we are with the ideal schedule . . . .

  1. get coffee (or green chai tea)
  2. get dressed
  3. blog about the day
  4. shoot some video for the ClubKnit classes
  5. work on the website

….encourage me friends! Tell me you want to knit, and learn, and read about knitting. Tell me that community is important AND participate in that community. . . . . I need you all to keep me going! I need to know that something I offer is of value and use to you.

Be Involved

Comment on this post and Tell me what you need!!! (someone to knit with? check-ins on your projects? new ideas? a place to ask a question? Perhaps a reminder not to drink so much coffee?)

Join our FREE ClubKnit community — I know its a roundabout way, but by “purchasing” the freebie on, everything works together automagically at so you are registered, logged in, can see the blog posts, join the Forum discussion, and look at the classes I’m building. And, I can spend next month in Florida visiting my mother and not worry about everything working properly.

Join ClubKnit Basic (Free)Join ClubKnit Basic (click to purchase FREE membership)

If anyone thinks I use too many “!!!!” and ” ……” well, I write the way I speak, with my hands … LOL. I hope to have an editor at some point in time, but right now you are stuck with me and my ! 🙂 — Lea-Ann

P.S. While thinking of this post and listening to Dave Ramsey, I threw away two garbage bags of “stuff” from my office. Expired price lists, small snippets of waste yarn, business magazines [which I read and tore out the parts that interest me]. I can finally walk to the project bins and get to the machine. I still have three bags of yarn to declutter, and the little pile of sample projects on the floor, but I feel energized!

P.P.S I think I’ll rename this blog “Life with Lea-Ann” — thoughts?

office clutter picture


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Fisher Lassie KAL/Course Coming soon!

fisher lassie

It is Sweater Weather!

Are you ready to knit? When I have to turn on the heat and pull out my wool socks, its a sign that it is sweater weather. My favorite go to cardigan is getting a little wear around the cuffs, and I lost a button, so its time to knit another one because who wants to darn sleeve cuffs, right? Am I right? Here’s the scoop on the Fisher Lassie KAL/Course coming soon:

The Pattern: Fisher Lassie

Fisher Lassie is a cardigan version of the gansey sweater often worn by the 19th century fishermen of British coastline communities. It features the distinctive stitch patterning of that era but incorporates modern styling, fit and techniques. Bonne Marie from Chic Knits is one of my favorite designers and Fisher Lassie will be a fun hand knit to while away some hours binge watching Longmire. The pattern is well written, but I’ll be posting some hints and tips in our classroom at for those who want to knitalong with me. I always like to learn something new and the construction on this one is unique. It is top down, starting at the right front, followed by the left front. Then the Back section is picked up across their shoulder linesand worked to the underarm where they are joined and worked as one to the hem. The sleeves are knit top down as well. The shawl collar makes it a cozy feel around the neck. As usual, what makes working with me is we make sure:

  • the shoulder width fits
  • the armhole is the correct depth
  • the sleeves are not too long

additional techniques we’ll be covering are:

  • choosing a size based on your gauge
  • what to do if your row gauge doesn’t match (AVOID the monkey arms!)
  • reading a chart

There is more involved to make sure this project fits you spectacularly, but you get the gist! By the way, did I mention the class is free with yarn purchase??? Awesome-sauce!

The Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mills Superwash

This new-to-us yarn from Stonehedge has a nice crisp hand and is perfect for the gansey styling. It is a superwash, so it is not as soft and pilly as their Shepherd’s Wool, yet it is said to retain the warmth. I’m really looking forward to working with it. I’ve chosen basic colors to list for this project kit, but if you want to order full bags of any of their other colors, let me know.

shepherds wool superwash swatch

Order Deadline and Start Date

Lets take orders until October 20, 2016. That should give us time to get the yarn to you for a November 1 start date. I usually like to start a sweater on opening day of hunting, but we won’t wait for this one.  Stay tuned! I’ll send an email to the e-news list letting you all know when the ordering for Fisher Lassie has been opened up.

Knitting Today ENews

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Note: you can unsubscribe at any time.

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What’s new? Website Design Update

sl_website-under-constructionHome Page

I finally found a website design I liked. I’ve spent the day trying to figure out how to get five columns across the bottom instead of 3 and a sidebar. Oh well!  I’m also trying to figure out the best size for images. And, how do I get the sign up for the enews in the posts?? Wait, does this work?

Knitting Today ENews

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Hi, our records show you've already signed up for the Enews, so we won't show the signup to you again. Have a browse around and see what's new in the Store or on the Blog. Thanks for returning to Knitting Today's website!


After I get the home page set up, I have to work on the Blog page. It is duplicating the home page — what???? Why in the world is it not showing the posts?

I really hesitated to buy this theme because it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but I also knew I don’t have the capability of making my own theme as that has been what has kept me from publishing the past couple of years. So, I guess I’ll find a workaround and we’ll live with it until I have some money to hire a designer, right??


Third thing that needs fixed is the product shopping area. I have so many pattern books, supplies and kits I need to get uploaded and ready for you to buy. But, right now, the LK150 is orderable, as is the Stormy Weather project. Yes!!! Success!!

Back to work . . . .