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The best buttonhole for the job?

How do you decide what buttonhole to use? Thankfully the designer tells us to use a 4-st buttonhole for Fisher Lassie, but doesn’t give directions on how to do that. A quick email clarifies that it is one by Interweave, and I’m going to write the directions here because who knows if that online resource will be available the next time I need it in another 20 rows.

Buttonhole row (14 sts): [k1, p1]2x, yf, sl1-pwise,yb. (Sl1-pwise, psso) repeat 4x, return lastvst to left needle, turn. Cable cast on 6 sts. Turn. Yb, sl1-pwise, psso, complete row.

And, I’ll edit and add a video to this next time.

Happy knitting!

This is Fisher Lassie, found at under kits. And, the color is frosty blue, a very pretty light blue which photographed grey-ish in the low light.

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Day Dreaming Part 3

There is a good reason why I’m telling you these color options. It’s so I don’t talk while working.  I literally drive mom nuts because I talk so much about the yarn and patterns and everything! She has to focus while I be all artsy running around. This is the scene that happens:

Me: “I have an idea!”

Mom: “What is it?”

Me: “I want to do a lace shawl out of this color but not this one because it would bring out the dye in my hair and I don’t want that.”

Mom: “I thought it was something pertaining to work.”

Well, it now is pertaining to work, Mother.

Today, I wore a navy blue shirt with a white skirt (it helps because I’m majorly sun burnt on my legs).  But, I feel like my outfit is uncompleted. It needs red and gets me in the 4th of July Spirit! I had a specific yarn in my head that I asked mom about or wished he had. Technically, we do but it’s my grandma’s project that needs fixed.

So I need a new red idea to bring out the color of my outfit. While learning and helping a customer pick up stitches along the edge for a ribbing in a sweater, I looked at the Tatamy Tweed DK, and a light bulb came on! This would be cute with a lacey neck scarf to complete the outfit.

I just don’t have enough time to knit my ideas but they are great. I think if I did the color Fireplace or Cherry Tweed  with a free pattern with purchase, Four Seasons Scarf. I would also probably knit mine looser with larger needles than called for. But it has the lace look I want with such a beautiful yarn. It would cute even with a normal tee and capris, kahkis, or etc. This would be perfect for an occasion.

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Day Dreaming Part 2

I’ve been taking stained glass class for two weeks, and I’m learning so much! If you have came in the store, I’ve talked a lot about my art class. Mom can even tell you how much I’ve applied it to here at the store. Anyways, I picked out the glass before class started. I knew exactly what colors to do for my peacock feather but the background was iffy for me. I picked out blues, purples, and clear to be close to the color of the feather. I didn’t like it. Yesterday, I remembered what my professor did to a poster of blue. He added orange to make the wording stand out because it’s across the color wheel from each other. I went through the bins for a sheet of transparent orange, and WOW! Does it accent the actual feather!

So color is really important, and I love it. I love to do fair isle because of the color work. I like to pick up Lorna Lace’s Solemate because of color! I like to find patterns that have one or more colors to pick and choose… and Knit One, Crochet Too has an amazing designer for their patterns to really show off their yarn like Ty-Dy cotton. It is such a beautiful and great quality yarn! I actually love knitting with it even though I don’t like cotton that much. Reason why, is because it’s dry, but I put lotion on before I knit anyways like Heel.  It’s funny though that I keep tension with cotton yarn than wool.

So the pattern that attracts me today is the Aztec Tee. It has a unique stitch pattern and is a great top to knit for the summer. All the information on yardage and color is on the website. If you click the highlighted name above (AZTEC TEE), it will take you straight to the pattern for the information. Anyways, here is my color options that I pulled out and love! These main colors also go well with other Ty-Dy colors.

Cotton Fleece Color 100 with Ty-Dy cotton color 631 or color 290 or color 265






Cotton Fleece color 112 with Ty-Dy cotton color 265 or  color 290









If you are spunky, you’ll like this one:)

Cotton Fleece color 915 with color Ty-Dy cotton 376 Key West

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Day Dreaming on the Job

A few weeks ago, I posted something on facebook, and I quote: “loves working at a yarn store. why? options…. so many options in color, yarn, patterns/designs, etc. ideas galore.” It’s true. Everyday, I find a yarn I like or a color and try to figure out what to make with it. If it requires two different colors, I’m a kid in a candy store. I love doing it!

So, I decided to share what I love to do at work when I play with the yarns. Today, I was looking at the Ty-dy Children’s Polka Dottie pattern. I love the colors they feature the pattern in as well (Ty-Dy Cotton Blue Pansy and Ty-Dy Dots Lavender). It also doesn’t take much of the this beautiful yarn.

The color options I decided are mixable. There could even be more than the ones I pulled off the shelf.

Dots color #120- Ivory  (it’s a white with purple and pink dots) with Ty-Dy colors #423 Veranda or #767 Tropicale






Dots color #100- Snow (cream with blue and green dots) with Ty-Dy color #699 Oceana




Dots color #762- Lavender with Ty-Dy color #376 Key West




Dots color #638- Seafoam with Ty-Dy color #631 Blueberry Fields





Dots color #218- Pink Ice with Ty-Dy color #265 Hibiscus

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Forget It All

Really. I mean it. I want to knit! There, my little tantrum is out of the way. It started back on my birthday when someone (Cynthia) said to me on facebook to knit something I want to knit or would bring me pleasure or something like that. Ever since then, I’ve been looking at all my WIPs, my UFOs, my dream list, and nothing has fit the bill. NOTHING! I was really starting to feel that I’m in a knitting slump. I mean, I know I’m overwhelmed with updating the website, juggling special orders, finding boxes when they arrive and get shoved in the backroom, keeping up with accounting, and nameless other things a store owner has to do (vacuum? What’s that?). But, really, a slump?? The whole problem just got solved. And it was Cat Bordhi to the rescue — again! She has a new technique i can’t wait to get on the needles and try. The Sweet Tomato Sock Heel. Yep, I’m ready. If only I hadn’t walked out of the store without the needles and yarn and, to top it off, I’m not stepping back foot in there until Tuesday. I promised myself a day off to spend with Tara and Haley before the crush of August hits and Monday is the day. So, here am I, ready to knit and no tools. How about you?  Do you want to try the Sweet Tomato Sock Heel along with me?  Which pattern are you going to knit?  Keep my enthusiasm going.  In the meantime, I’ll get back to working on the new website design . . .

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What do you think of this bind off?

Was checking out the current issue of Knitty and found the following article about a stretchy bindoff that snaps back into shape.  This is a big deal for me because I don’t like it when the top of my socks look all stretched out before I’ve even worn them.  I think I will try this on the pair of socks I am currently knitting.  Check it out and let me know what you think:

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New favorite bind off:

I first encountered this bind off in Cat Bordhi’s Insouciant Sock book. Since then,  I’ve suggested it several times for anywhere a stretchy bind off is desired. I’m posting the link here so I don’t have to go searching for my book every tine I want to use it.  Have you tried it? What do you think? Is there another bind of you love?