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Fisher Lassie KAL/Course Coming soon!

fisher lassie

It is Sweater Weather!

Are you ready to knit? When I have to turn on the heat and pull out my wool socks, its a sign that it is sweater weather. My favorite go to cardigan is getting a little wear around the cuffs, and I lost a button, so its time to knit another one because who wants to darn sleeve cuffs, right? Am I right? Here’s the scoop on the Fisher Lassie KAL/Course coming soon:

The Pattern: Fisher Lassie

Fisher Lassie is a cardigan version of the gansey sweater often worn by the 19th century fishermen of British coastline communities. It features the distinctive stitch patterning of that era but incorporates modern styling, fit and techniques. Bonne Marie from Chic Knits is one of my favorite designers and Fisher Lassie will be a fun hand knit to while away some hours binge watching Longmire. The pattern is well written, but I’ll be posting some hints and tips in our classroom at for those who want to knitalong with me. I always like to learn something new and the construction on this one is unique. It is top down, starting at the right front, followed by the left front. Then the Back section is picked up across their shoulder linesand worked to the underarm where they are joined and worked as one to the hem. The sleeves are knit top down as well. The shawl collar makes it a cozy feel around the neck. As usual, what makes working with me is we make sure:

  • the shoulder width fits
  • the armhole is the correct depth
  • the sleeves are not too long

additional techniques we’ll be covering are:

  • choosing a size based on your gauge
  • what to do if your row gauge doesn’t match (AVOID the monkey arms!)
  • reading a chart

There is more involved to make sure this project fits you spectacularly, but you get the gist! By the way, did I mention the class is free with yarn purchase??? Awesome-sauce!

The Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mills Superwash

This new-to-us yarn from Stonehedge has a nice crisp hand and is perfect for the gansey styling. It is a superwash, so it is not as soft and pilly as their Shepherd’s Wool, yet it is said to retain the warmth. I’m really looking forward to working with it. I’ve chosen basic colors to list for this project kit, but if you want to order full bags of any of their other colors, let me know.

shepherds wool superwash swatch

Order Deadline and Start Date

Lets take orders until October 20, 2016. That should give us time to get the yarn to you for a November 1 start date. I usually like to start a sweater on opening day of hunting, but we won’t wait for this one.  Stay tuned! I’ll send an email to the e-news list letting you all know when the ordering for Fisher Lassie has been opened up.

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Finishing up mystery yarn club, planning for new projects

fisher lassie

As I finish up deliveries of mystery yarn club 2016, I start thinking of the next big thing…. I always try and low-key projects that force me to learn and teach something new and different, but also something that is just easy knitting, and lastly something special and splurgy. Hmmm, so yes, three options coming up.

Fisher Lassie by Chic Knits
Fisher Lassie

1) Fisher Lassie by chic knits, a top down, the season cardigan with interesting yoke work and shawl collar. I might do a combined hand and lk150 version for myself, but the pattern is written for hand knitters. Here is my swatch so far.

Stonehedge superwash swatch

Initial swatch was too loose, on a size 8. Dropping to a HiyaHiya sharp 5 is just about right to gauge for me. Next step is to see how the yarn washes and blocks. The last thing I want is a ganset-style sweater that pills. This yarn, being superwash, I expect to hold up well. If it does, I want to order denim for my project. I love the pin-drafted colorways produced by this mill.

Beld by Chic Knits

2) Beld, also by chic knits (tried and true designs and patterns by Bonne Marie Burns). I’m thinking of using silky wool. Believe it or not, I have never knit a sweater out of it in all the years I’ve carried it. Now that I’m a little, urm, older, I think that mid-weight breathable yarn appeals to me.

3) Luxury yarn club, not a mystery or a surprise, but pre-order only. I’m thinking cashmere first, and we’ll go from there.

Of course, before I can launch any of these new ideas a few things need to happen:

1) finish stormy weather. I’m down to sewing in the ends, blocking and sewing in the zipper.

2) knit the marseille tee.

3) get on a regular schedule of content for the clubKnit members.

4) enable online ordering for the above projects and clubKnit lessons and classes.

Oh, I seem to be a fan of lists today…Happy knitting everyone! What are you interested in??


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Summer Tee Knitalong starting soon!

marsielle_shoulder marsielleReady for a new project?  I am! A quick one too. Shortly, you’ll be able to order the yarn pack for the Marseille Tee. It is a cap sleeve top with some garter accents at the waistline and a cute faux button top at the shoulders. Its made in a delightful yarn, Niya, which is 100% silk and has a subtle tweed look. While the original pattern is hand knit, I’ll be using the LK-150 to knit it, so will provide instructions for how to convert it to machine. There will be a choice of several colors available.

Interested? We’ll announce it via email first to our E-news and Ultimate Knitting Club subscribers. If you don’t receive the E-news, sign up here:

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Organizing Projects

How do you organize your projects? Bins, bags, fixtures?? I’m just starting to get a handle on some of my projects. By that I mean find them! I have boxes and boxes of UFOs, WIPs, and whatever the “wanna be” acronyms are.


For those curious, left to right, Donegal Tweed and ChicKnits Ribby cardi; Euroflax Linen in a great lakes colorway and Mother & Daughter Knits with Sally Melville the pattern is a classic shirt; Linen Concerto for Stormy Weather by MaryAnne Oger.  The Donegal Tweed and Euroflax Linen are from my initial stock of yarn when I opened the storefront in 2002. The Linen Concerto was one of the last yarns I stocked before closing the storefront in 2014.  I’ll likely machine knit all of these projects so follow the blog for updates on these and other machine knitting projects.

So, how am I organizing? I have several bins at home that I am going to sort my handknitting projects into. then I have these plastic buckets with lids that I’ll store my projects in at the studio (that’s my fancy name for the store now since I don’t have regular walk-in hours yet).

In the past, I’ve had over 30 projects on my list.  How many do you think I’ll end up with when I get done organizing??

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Friday, 11/21, open knitting

Friday, 11/21, noon – 5, bring your knitting and join us for an afternoon of friends and fun. In-store specials on patterns, books, and accessories. Now taking orders for a new yarn, toybox, too!!

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to see some of Sue’s finished projects. I’m sorry i don’t recall the book the shawl came from, but the yarn was a cone of superwash merino she snagged out of the backroom sale. And she made the hat too match.  Aren’t they lovely?

sue hat  wpid-img_20141104_135219540_hdr.jpg

And since the cold weather but, grandson Evan has been making good use of some hand knits.


How are you staying warm?

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Warm tootsies

I felted my clogs last night.

Monumental because I found a Facebook picture of them started January 1, and then finished and waiting for seaming uploaded on February 22.  And they have been sitting in my basket waiting for me since then. Why so long? I didn’t have a chibi!! Can you believe it? That’s like the cobblers children.

And, in July, I got a new-to-me washing machine with tons of water levels, temperature levels and spin cycle. Talk about confusion. The one I had before was simply a stick it in, turn it on and everything felts. Lol.

So, an hour television show, a chibi, and a couple runs through the washer and look what I have.

Felted Clogs

Warm tootsies!! Wet, but still warm. Amazing!! Yarn was two strands of Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool in two different greens (leftovers) and two strands of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride (available by special order). They felted a little bit differently, I’m assuming due to the mohair content in the lamb’s pride, so I felted them a little longer but the Shepherd’s Wool gives a little once on the foot. Overall, I’m happy. And after wearing my last one for about ten years, even with my toes peaking through, I need these in the mornings.

Woohoo, one empty basket! Have you made felted clogs?? What is your favorite yarn?

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*(Knit, tear out, reknit)repeat from*

Group knitting is the best. It gives you time to catch up and visit with friends, make new friends, and eat. Oh, and knit too!!


Members of the Creative Machine Knitters gather together once a month in Fort Wayne and once a quarter meet at Knitting Today. Occasionally, it’s a knit-in and we spend the day. Here, Terri, Kathy and Darla are discussing their next projects. Darla, Kathy and I were all going to knit Stormy Weather, a tunic pattern by Mary Anne Oger and Terri is starting a top also by Mary Anne called ?? All published in KnitStyle, now out of print.


My Stormy Weather is knit in Linen Concerto, color 75, oceana-type colors. This is a sport weight yarn made of rayon, linen and cotton, that I expect to be a three season garment. Instead of the tunic, I’m making it a hooded cardigan. I’m a little concerned about the length because I’m short waisted, and this is knit side-to-side but I figure as a cardigan it doesn’t have to fit lengthwise as much as widthwise. That was after knitting half the back once, holding it up, and deciding to do a different size (and, no, I didn’t do a gauge swatch… Shhhhh!!). I think Darla is the only one who made progress without having to tear out for one reason or another. Thankfully on the machines it is a quick reknit. Both Terri, who is using Hempathy a linen blend s well, and I found using Easy Knit Spray helped these yarns knit smoother on the Lk-150s.


I’m wondering how common our knit, tear out, reknit experience might be. Do you find you have to tear out after group knitting session, hand or machine? If so, tell me your opinion about what causes it. Doors that stop you from gathering?

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cute baby, super easy blanket

This baby and this blanket  . . .


Pattern: Super Easy Baby Blanket, easy garter stitch stripes on a size 7 or as needed to match gauge. Seven earthy colors. approximate finished size, 36″ x 45″. 

Yarn: Tatamy Tweed DK

Manufacturer/Distributor: Kraemer Yarns
Fiber Content: 45% cotton; 55% acrylic
Yarn Class: Light
Suggested Gauge: 22 sts = 4″
Yardage: 3.5 oz/250 yards (100 gr) approx.
Suggested Needle Size: US 5 (3.75mm)
Care: machine wash and tumble dry

— Only Ten Yarn Packs available —

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P.S. That’s the yarn pack only, baby not for sale!