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Scrunchy Wool Yarn — 100% Wool — Olympic Blue

Olympic Blue 100% wool hank

It isn’t often a new yarn crosses my desk — well, frankly, it is very rare now that I don’t own a physical yarn shop — but this one did and I quickly I invested. It is “the” navy blue yarn used in the Olympic sweater. Beautiful, scrunchy, Aran weight 100% wool yarn. It is PURRRFECT for a seasonal belted cardigan, probably raglan sleeves and shawl collar. You know the one? I can see it in my head. Do you have a pattern source? Would you like to try some of the yarn for yourself? Here’s the order link.

Here’s the original Olympic sweater. Isn’t it beautiful!
Olympic sweater model

Happy Knitting! Glad I could be a yarn pusher again. Hee hee. — Lea-Ann

P.S. Don’t forget to comment below with links to the project ideas.

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Immersed in Noro

tufts of fiber for noro yarn

Immersed? You might ask really? how? First, let me explain what this type of immersion (contrary to my baptismal immersion in water on August 18, 2019), is according to Webster:

c instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study
Did I set out to be immersed in Noro instruction today? Absolutely not! Serendipity aside, here’s the story of my day.


Noro Ito in Nightshift ShawlFirst, I decided to knit a repeat on my Nightshift Shawl. It is being knit in Noro Iro, a 1 ply yarn that according to the label is minimally processed, never treated with acids or harmful chemicals. Noro yarn is gently spun to preserve original qualities and character. It seems only fitting that while I’m knitting on my Nightshift Shawl, admiring the colors shifts, the feel of the yarn, and pondering how Noro differs from other basic yarns I’m going to be designing with that I also listen to some podcasts, right? 

Sooooo, I turn on my podcast player and choose a designer interview with Vogue Knitting. That designer in Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. What an interesting “maker” life she has led. But in the middle of that interview, she suddenly is talking about her life with Noro and a visit to the factory. What are the chances that I encounter a podcast episode where then-editor of Vogue Knitting editor Trisha Malcomb was interviewing Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton about her life in knitting and they discuss a segment about her experience with Noro yarns. I’m intrigued. What she said about Noro was exactly a lot of the reasons why I like to knit with it. Maybe you’d like to listen to the podcast too? 


And, since I’m knitting along, listening, I am reminded by a small pamphlet I received in my box that talks about Mr. Noro, the way they make their yarns, along with their integrity to environmental considerations. I had to put my knitting down and go that little pamphlet in my piles on my desk. Lo and behold, it was written by none other than Cornielia Tuttle Hamilton. Hmmm. Fascinating! I’ll share a link to the Noro, Behind the Scenes .pdf here in case you want to read it.

So, as I return to my job for the day, working on the lessons to be uploaded to the LK150 Get It Out of the Box Course and hit send on my email check-in to the LK150 Success Academy Founding Members, I am feeling a sense of full circle …. feeling, hearing, reading …. immersion into all that is Noro and I dream about a project I would like to do for the 2020 release of the Academy in none other than — tada — Noro! Have to sign off and get out the design notebook before it escapes me. 
Knitting Onward — Lea-Ann


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Testing, testing, and Superwash wearability report

I’m using a phone app to post this to the blog. If this works, maybe I can post my thoughts and pictures more regularly.

The pictures above are of Molly’s lovely Fisher Lassie. We were at the machine knitting meeting in Fort Wayne last weekend and I got to see it in person. This picture in particular is of the underarm area and has been machine washed and dried several times. You can see the pilling and wear is minimal. Yay! I love the Stonehedge Superwash. Are you ready to try it? Mosey on over to the website, click on yarn and you’ll find all the colors now in stock.

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finally, the Superwash has been updated!

You would think adding yarn to a website would be second nature after 18 years or so of doing it, but noooooo …..

Every single time I do something to the website, I either have to update or learn something new. It is not an easy process. The longest thing about adding the images for the Stonehedge Sheperd’s Wool Superwash was actually taking the pictures! Through a comedy of issues with the camera, including recharging batteries, broken stick-thing, and losing the white box, I finally just plopped the yarn down on the beige table cloth in the northwest window with the sun streaming through, and used my phone to take pictures. I did edit a few as far as lightening or brightening, most notably red and orange, but they are as close as I could get it. But then you throw in a different uncalibrated computer monitor and its all looking off again. So, anyways, if you look at the background of the yarns and they don’t look like a light beige, the color isn’t going to be exactly what you think it will be. The other thing that messes up color accuracy is the wonderful pin-drafting that happens to make these colors. There is a lot of depth in each color, take creamsicle for example, orange, white, yellow, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on ……

But, I had the pleasure of my grandchildren helping unbox and put the yarn on the rack. And caught a couple of cute pictures. Alexis wants a hat, and Jacob wants a gnome hat.


In upcoming posts, I’ll blog about the projects I’ve made so far, share reviews with you from customer’s projects, and share care and use tips — yes, this yarn is machine wash AND dry. I can’t wait for you to try it!

Link to Shepherd’s Wool Superwash at 

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cute baby, super easy blanket

This baby and this blanket  . . .


Pattern: Super Easy Baby Blanket, easy garter stitch stripes on a size 7 or as needed to match gauge. Seven earthy colors. approximate finished size, 36″ x 45″. 

Yarn: Tatamy Tweed DK

Manufacturer/Distributor: Kraemer Yarns
Fiber Content: 45% cotton; 55% acrylic
Yarn Class: Light
Suggested Gauge: 22 sts = 4″
Yardage: 3.5 oz/250 yards (100 gr) approx.
Suggested Needle Size: US 5 (3.75mm)
Care: machine wash and tumble dry

— Only Ten Yarn Packs available —

[maxbutton id=”1″]

P.S. That’s the yarn pack only, baby not for sale!


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Getting on the road


It’s always hard for me to choose a project for a road trip. i have class samples to do, sweaters to finish, my ongoing lace knitting, socks, and baby blankets.

Today though? It’s going to be baby booties for the twins-to-be. Plus, I’m trying two new products to our store, Knitting Today. They are Cascade 220 Superwash Sport and 6″ sharp hiyahiya double points. I usually use the magic loop technique. Especially while in the car. I couldn’t resist and cast on last night.

The yarn knits well without splitting. The needles are lightweight, get into the stitch easy. I haven’t done any decreases yet. Plus, I’m knitting a sport weight yarn on size 2 needles, but there is a lot of give to the garter stitch. I think they’ll be cozy warm yet still move with the little,piggly-wigglys when they get here (any time now that they are at 36 weeks and momma is dilated to 3cm).

What are you knitting?

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Day Dreaming Part 3

There is a good reason why I’m telling you these color options. It’s so I don’t talk while working.  I literally drive mom nuts because I talk so much about the yarn and patterns and everything! She has to focus while I be all artsy running around. This is the scene that happens:

Me: “I have an idea!”

Mom: “What is it?”

Me: “I want to do a lace shawl out of this color but not this one because it would bring out the dye in my hair and I don’t want that.”

Mom: “I thought it was something pertaining to work.”

Well, it now is pertaining to work, Mother.

Today, I wore a navy blue shirt with a white skirt (it helps because I’m majorly sun burnt on my legs).  But, I feel like my outfit is uncompleted. It needs red and gets me in the 4th of July Spirit! I had a specific yarn in my head that I asked mom about or wished he had. Technically, we do but it’s my grandma’s project that needs fixed.

So I need a new red idea to bring out the color of my outfit. While learning and helping a customer pick up stitches along the edge for a ribbing in a sweater, I looked at the Tatamy Tweed DK, and a light bulb came on! This would be cute with a lacey neck scarf to complete the outfit.

I just don’t have enough time to knit my ideas but they are great. I think if I did the color Fireplace or Cherry Tweed  with a free pattern with purchase, Four Seasons Scarf. I would also probably knit mine looser with larger needles than called for. But it has the lace look I want with such a beautiful yarn. It would cute even with a normal tee and capris, kahkis, or etc. This would be perfect for an occasion.

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crochet a Ty-Dy bag

Another UFO on its way to becoming finished! I started this last year, I think, when Laura did a class for us on Inga’s Crocheted Bag, unless you speak a foreign language, I would suggest you click the link for the English translation on Ravelry. Anyways, I finally finished the crocheted squares at UFO night and now I’m ready to assemble. It almost three skeins of Ty-Dy Cotton. I know I used Gold Rush, Forget-Me-Not, and possibly Blueberry Fields.  Tara would really like to do one in the new Key West colorway. A couple of ladies in the store lined theirs with quilt fabric. I’ll need to go shopping :)!





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Day Dreaming Part 2

I’ve been taking stained glass class for two weeks, and I’m learning so much! If you have came in the store, I’ve talked a lot about my art class. Mom can even tell you how much I’ve applied it to here at the store. Anyways, I picked out the glass before class started. I knew exactly what colors to do for my peacock feather but the background was iffy for me. I picked out blues, purples, and clear to be close to the color of the feather. I didn’t like it. Yesterday, I remembered what my professor did to a poster of blue. He added orange to make the wording stand out because it’s across the color wheel from each other. I went through the bins for a sheet of transparent orange, and WOW! Does it accent the actual feather!

So color is really important, and I love it. I love to do fair isle because of the color work. I like to pick up Lorna Lace’s Solemate because of color! I like to find patterns that have one or more colors to pick and choose… and Knit One, Crochet Too has an amazing designer for their patterns to really show off their yarn like Ty-Dy cotton. It is such a beautiful and great quality yarn! I actually love knitting with it even though I don’t like cotton that much. Reason why, is because it’s dry, but I put lotion on before I knit anyways like Heel.  It’s funny though that I keep tension with cotton yarn than wool.

So the pattern that attracts me today is the Aztec Tee. It has a unique stitch pattern and is a great top to knit for the summer. All the information on yardage and color is on the website. If you click the highlighted name above (AZTEC TEE), it will take you straight to the pattern for the information. Anyways, here is my color options that I pulled out and love! These main colors also go well with other Ty-Dy colors.

Cotton Fleece Color 100 with Ty-Dy cotton color 631 or color 290 or color 265






Cotton Fleece color 112 with Ty-Dy cotton color 265 or  color 290









If you are spunky, you’ll like this one:)

Cotton Fleece color 915 with color Ty-Dy cotton 376 Key West