Day Dreaming Part 2

I’ve been taking stained glass class for two weeks, and I’m learning so much! If you have came in the store, I’ve talked a lot about my art class. Mom can even tell you how much I’ve applied it to here at the store. Anyways, I picked out the glass before class started. I knew exactly what colors to do for my peacock feather but the background was iffy for me. I picked out blues, purples, and clear to be close to the color of the feather. I didn’t like it. Yesterday, I remembered what my professor did to a poster of blue. He added orange to make the wording stand out because it’s across the color wheel from each other. I went through the bins for a sheet of transparent orange, and WOW! Does it accent the actual feather!

So color is really important, and I love it. I love to do fair isle because of the color work. I like to pick up Lorna Lace’s Solemate because of color! I like to find patterns that have one or more colors to pick and choose… and Knit One, Crochet Too has an amazing designer for their patterns to really show off their yarn like Ty-Dy cotton. It is such a beautiful and great quality yarn! I actually love knitting with it even though I don’t like cotton that much. Reason why, is because it’s dry, but I put lotion on before I knit anyways like Heel.  It’s funny though that I keep tension with cotton yarn than wool.

So the pattern that attracts me today is the Aztec Tee. It has a unique stitch pattern and is a great top to knit for the summer. All the information on yardage and color is on the website. If you click the highlighted name above (AZTEC TEE), it will take you straight to the pattern for the information. Anyways, here is my color options that I pulled out and love! These main colors also go well with other Ty-Dy colors.

Cotton Fleece Color 100 with Ty-Dy cotton color 631 or color 290 or color 265






Cotton Fleece color 112 with Ty-Dy cotton color 265 or  color 290









If you are spunky, you’ll like this one:)

Cotton Fleece color 915 with color Ty-Dy cotton 376 Key West

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