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Fixing the e-commerce ordering August 1, 2016

I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to set up WooCommerce, Paypal, and other integrations on the e-commerce portion of the website. I finally have a product uploaded!!! Check it out under the SHOP link above. I even put links to the videos showing how to use it in the product description. Ignore the … Read more

Lea-Ann McGregor
Finishing up mystery yarn club, planning for new projects July 12, 2016

As I finish up deliveries of mystery yarn club 2016, I start thinking of the next big thing…. I always try and low-key projects that force me to learn and teach something new and different, but also something that is just easy knitting, and lastly something special and splurgy. Hmmm, so yes, three options coming … Read more

Lea-Ann McGregor
Periscoping and knitting June 29, 2016

Today I’m going to tackle the bands on my cardigan. I don’t know if they need a simple pick up and bind off edging or a two-row pick up and bind off. If you have time, join me on around 11est and help me decide. Linking to the Youtube videos for the Stormy Weather … Read more

Lea-Ann McGregor
planning and testing June 28, 2016

I just figured out how to publish blog posts from my phone …. Fingers crossed!  If this works, expect to hear more from me. Here’s a few pictures from our June meet-up.  The last photo is Becky and the scarf from mystery yarn club 2016. The yarn is from Zombie yarns …. LORNA dyes again. … Read more

Lea-Ann McGregor