Projects and emotions

Do you associate a project with an emotional event in your life? Maybe the birth of a grandbaby ,  the illness of a spouse, graduation of a child?

I dug out a ufo this weekend.


I think this was last seen while waiting for my mom’s heart surgery. Two weeks ago, her SO Joe suffered cardiac arrest. He’s recovering, thank God! But it brought out the garter stitch, stress relief, project once again. 

Now that we’re weathered that stressful time and we’ve been through a fantastic event learning “lever” knitting with none other than Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. swoon, laugh, learn — what a great time!

Now, I’m ready to start another life event project…. TWINS! My son and daughter-in-law are due in December. Aren’t they cute! The new superwash sport and 60 baby knits book will be getting a workout.

And I can’t finish this post without a great rasta hat shot!

Before the baby knitting commences, I’m going to knit another short sleeve summer project. I’m leaning toward a knitty.com pattern with Tatamy Tweed DK starting June 1. More to come….

What event knitting do you do or have you done?

2 thoughts on “Projects and emotions”

  1. Yes Lea-Ann. It’s even multigenerational with me. “There’s the afghan my mom knit for as my wedding gift in 1969. And those crocheted potholders? Grandma made them for my hope chest when I was little because I loved the colors and the pansies pattern.”

    My son, recently engaged, is getting married in a year. I’m digging through yarns for a beautiful bride’s shawl . . . or an afghan . . . or ? This comfort to tying ourselves to tradition is primal . . . maybe even genetic. And it is a great comfort in this world.

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