We’re going to be prepared.

Be prepared, for what? CHRISTMAS. It’s less than two months away. What are you going to get your family, friends, co-workers, grandkids,etc.? SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! I understand completely. I’ve been on Christmas since October.

So, I decided to ask you on facebook and ravelry what do you want to hear about: Easy One Skein projects or Top Ten Ways to Hide You’ve Been at the Knitting Store? Most of you want to know projects. But I’ll do both at some point 😉

Right now, be ready because I’m going to be posting projects for Christmas, done out of the yarns at Knitting Today. There will be one skein projects or more than one to get you Christmas ready and not always hurt your budget. I know because I’m a college student, and my list for people has escalated: my family, my brother’s family, my boyfriend, his family, and my friends! So many people, but I had to cut it down and found some cheap ideas. So I’m saving with as many people I have to get presents for and searching always for ideas to do with my stash or use my employee discount :). Well, we’re going to be prepared.

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