One Skein Easy Knit: Project 1

This pattern, called Calorimetry, I’m in love with. I knitted this last year for my  younger sister, and this year for Christmas presents. This is a one skein project and simple to do. I’m an  intermediate knitter and take projects head-on.

Calorimetry is a 2×2 rib and done in short rows. You pretty much follow the pattern and repeat it until you get a specific amount of stitches between markers.  To do the short rows, you’ll turn your work.

Don’t fret if you think it’s wrong because of the holes. It’s supposed to be there!  I’ve tried to change the way I turn my work two times; the end result is the same.

But the good thing about those holes, it makes this pattern adjustable. My noggin is about 20-23″, the regular head size. This fits comfortable. Also, this pattern is great for ladies who always have their hair up in pony tails or buns. It covers their ears, and you can’t ruin your regular look. I like it because I can put it on my hair that I worked on  for hours and not have HAT HAIR or have it flatten.

The yarn I used is sadly, sold out. But I have great alternatives! I love the self-striping in the original picture. Kureyon from Noro would make an awesome Calorimetry! So many colors! You’ll find one that is perfect for a gift or yourself.  Another great yarn would be Ty-Dy wool for the stripes. If you want more of a solid color, Mauch Chunky would be a great one! I love the magenta even though I’m in love with purple as well.

To make it girlie, you can also knit a little flower on it. I had to buy a pattern for the flower I made for my sister. The people who are receiving my gifts are more country and probably would not like the flower lol.

So many options for this one skein project! I hope you decide to do it and order your yarn from us. Our website is www.knittingtoday.com and our phone is 1-800-426-5098, or if you’re in Indiana, 260-351-2260.

A great place for ideas for yarn or changes to make if you want it for a child, go to ravlery.com and search in projects for calorimetry. Ravelry is a free place for knitters to share their projects, stash, and get ideas for new projects. If you want a shorter headband version to make many, click here. I think it’s awesome! Join our group on ravelry! http://www.ravelry.com/groups/knitting-today

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