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Clear The Clutter

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Clutter Blocks Creativity

As I get ready to announce the new knitalong (Fisher Lassie), I find myself needing, yes NEEDING, to declutter my space. I go through this process of shutting down, body, mind and spirit. And then I realize the clutter is contributing. What do I need to do? Clear The Clutter! Do you have that problem? What do you do about it?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. clean off my desk. Only what I’m working on goes there. Oh wait . . . back that up . . . I get dressed!
  2. Then I check in with my accountability group hangout.
  3. then I work on the one thing I need to do on my desk.

Who am I trying to fool? LOL . . . . that’s wishful thinking. Here’s the actual scenario:

  1. get coffee.
  2. check facebook, email and instagram.
  3. get more coffee, read on the Kindle app.
  4. go the bathroom.
  5. get more coffee, read some more.
  6. remember I haven’t eaten yet.
  7. go upstairs to my office and think about what I need to get done.
  8. get more coffee……


brewing coffee

Well, you get the picture, right? I might get dressed by 4:30, because I know Tom is coming home and he would be appalled that I’ve managed to move from my office (Tara’s old bedroom) to the living room several times a day without encountering anyone or needing to step foot outside and thereby living in some pajama pants I bought for the purpose of comfort. AHHHHH, there is the crux of the matter. I work solo now. I have no accountability. I have no purpose. I have no reason. I have no routine. After two years of giving myself time to dream, research the software that makes the backend of ClubKnit, and build the website, I’m having trouble moving into the “doing” phase.

What is the “doing” phase?

The “Doing” phase is the part of the program where I actually put things on the website for sale. Where I video myself knitting and teaching (without actually teaching anyone, just pretending). Where I follow through on the projects I’ve set out to knit. And here we are with the ideal schedule . . . .

  1. get coffee (or green chai tea)
  2. get dressed
  3. blog about the day
  4. shoot some video for the ClubKnit classes
  5. work on the website

….encourage me friends! Tell me you want to knit, and learn, and read about knitting. Tell me that community is important AND participate in that community. . . . . I need you all to keep me going! I need to know that something I offer is of value and use to you.

Be Involved

Comment on this post and Tell me what you need!!! (someone to knit with? check-ins on your projects? new ideas? a place to ask a question? Perhaps a reminder not to drink so much coffee?)

Join our FREE ClubKnit community — I know its a roundabout way, but by “purchasing” the freebie on, everything works together automagically at so you are registered, logged in, can see the blog posts, join the Forum discussion, and look at the classes I’m building. And, I can spend next month in Florida visiting my mother and not worry about everything working properly.

Join ClubKnit Basic (Free)Join ClubKnit Basic (click to purchase FREE membership)

If anyone thinks I use too many “!!!!” and ” ……” well, I write the way I speak, with my hands … LOL. I hope to have an editor at some point in time, but right now you are stuck with me and my ! 🙂 — Lea-Ann

P.S. While thinking of this post and listening to Dave Ramsey, I threw away two garbage bags of “stuff” from my office. Expired price lists, small snippets of waste yarn, business magazines [which I read and tore out the parts that interest me]. I can finally walk to the project bins and get to the machine. I still have three bags of yarn to declutter, and the little pile of sample projects on the floor, but I feel energized!

P.P.S I think I’ll rename this blog “Life with Lea-Ann” — thoughts?

office clutter picture


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What’s new? Website Design Update

sl_website-under-constructionHome Page

I finally found a website design I liked. I’ve spent the day trying to figure out how to get five columns across the bottom instead of 3 and a sidebar. Oh well!  I’m also trying to figure out the best size for images. And, how do I get the sign up for the enews in the posts?? Wait, does this work?

Knitting Today ENews

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delivered right to your email

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Hi, our records show you've already signed up for the Enews, so we won't show the signup to you again. Have a browse around and see what's new in the Store or on the Blog. Thanks for returning to Knitting Today's website!


After I get the home page set up, I have to work on the Blog page. It is duplicating the home page — what???? Why in the world is it not showing the posts?

I really hesitated to buy this theme because it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but I also knew I don’t have the capability of making my own theme as that has been what has kept me from publishing the past couple of years. So, I guess I’ll find a workaround and we’ll live with it until I have some money to hire a designer, right??


Third thing that needs fixed is the product shopping area. I have so many pattern books, supplies and kits I need to get uploaded and ready for you to buy. But, right now, the LK150 is orderable, as is the Stormy Weather project. Yes!!! Success!!

Back to work . . . .

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Fixing the e-commerce ordering

I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to set up WooCommerce, Paypal, and other integrations on the e-commerce portion of the website. I finally have a product uploaded!!! Check it out under the SHOP link above. I even put links to the videos showing how to use it in the product description. Ignore the formatting (color, type, column width and placement) . . . take a look and let me know in the comments below what you think. What products would you like to see added? What categories should I have and place things under?

August 1 job: integrating weight-based shipping because who wants to be pay $6.50 for something that can be sent for $3.20???

Next Up: Finalize swatch of Stonehedge’s Superwash and decide if that’s the one for Fisher Lassie.

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Where Should I Put It?


My dilemma ….. Where should it go? It used to be the www was all about email delivery. Now I’m not sure. I used to update the website, then send an enews announcing the update. Since my website has changed, it isn’t so easy to pop things on the front page. And it is quite easy to blog and facebook, but no so easy to get those formats to the enews and if you are reading the blog, then get an email for the same thing, isnt that annoying? Then, too, I think the expectation of what is in an enews is a little different now. It seems like its all about the sale, not the news. Since I’m restructuring everything and trying to figure out the best way of communicating, I though I’d ask….

Where do you expect to find information from Knitting Today? How do you want it delivered?


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Celebrating ten years!


I’ve just updated the website with an “About Us” page. Hard to believe its been ten years at the store.




Tara’s been busy working on the Noni yarn packs page. Its not quite working yet, but she’ll figure it out. She had the Nomad, the Cinch, and a few others to do. She did say “Bettie Boop” is working though.  And, I noticed we are restocked in the Rhythm Superwash for the
Lilly blanket if that is something you’ve been waiting on.


A new yarn in the store is Stiletto. I’ve started a shawl with it. Chelsea, which is one of the Ravelry LYS download service patterns we now support. Doesn’t it match my blouse perfectly? I feel so springy working on it, even though we’re supposed to get six inches off snow tonight! This yarn would make a sock with a little glitz too. I’m not feeling the lurex on my hands but then, I am knitting on size 6 needles. I think if I don’t start a pair of socks, I might do a baby sweater in it. Wouldn’t that look great with a little Easter dress?

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Woolly Holiday Hunt Day 2 – he is a jolly ????


Frosty the snowman was a jolly ???? soul,
With a corncob pipe and a button nose
And two eyes made out of coal.

Here’s the scoop: the picture above is copied into one of the products on the page related to the ???? word missing from the clue.  If you search for that word, you’ll find a number of products you can click into to find the featured picture.  It seems like it should be easy, but we try and make you click around just a little bit so you get to know our offerings and how the website works. Once you find the featured picture on the product page, you need to email that page URL to  You’ll receive a reply back that you’ve been entered or a try-again if you aren’t quite there.  While these clues seem fairly easy to us because we’re in the store day-in and day-out, I realize those who don’t know the products we carry might be having a little trouble.  Feel free to email us ( for clarification.

Come back again tomorrow after 9am est to get the next clue.  Every time you email the answer, you are entered into a drawing for three Marie Mayhew Woolly patterns or projects (up to a $30 value).

Here’s a glimpse at some of our favorite patterns, including the cute little snowbaby in the photo above: Woolly SnowbabiesWoolly Snowman, the Snowman Materials KitWoolly Accessories, and Woolly Hats. Note, the Woolly Accessories and Materials Kits are new this season to accent your Woolly Snowman. We found that Galway and Rejuvenation make good Natural Snowy colors for felting.

P.S. While you’re busy clicking around,  I (Lea-Ann) am working on installing a coupon module in the store and working on some of the design functionality, so don’t be surprised if things move around a little bit.

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Join Our Woolly Holiday Hunt!

 Once a day, starting December 12th and ending December 18th, we’ll post a photo along with a clue, on the blog at:  of a felted holiday project from the Marie Mayhew Trunk Show.

The projects include snowmen, santa, gingerbread men, ornaments, a nest, candy corn, and a penguin.  The photo and the clue will give you a hint where these adorable projects will be hiding in our online store at 

Once you find the page on the online store with the photo, email us at, tell us what page you found it, and be entered in a drawing to win 3 Marie Mayhew patterns or products (up to a value of $30)!

The blog picture will be posted at 9 AM Eastern Time daily which gives you 24 hours to find the projects! You will receive a return email confirming your entry (although it won’t be immediate since we don’t check email 24/7).

Only one entry per day, but you can enter every day for more chances to win! Winner will be announced on December 19. Happy Hunting!








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One Skein Easy Project 7

This project is the king of easy projects. It’s a brand-new yarn that we can’t keep in the store. We’re almost sold out again of Moda by Tahki Stacy Charles, INC. So far, we only have available two colors of purple. We should be receiving more colors this coming week or two, but they can’t guarantee what colors. There is also the yarn Moda Lame that includes metallic which we may get.

This is a perfect, quick Christmas gift for any lady in the family. It’s *ONLY* four stitches. Moda is a net like yarn that doesn’t require wrapping a strand around the needle. You put the loop onto it and knit it. Simple!

The pattern is free and Moda is only $9.00 USD. It takes one ball to make a scarf.

Another great scarf is made out of the Diva bundles. Diva  is a fun bundle of yarn in an array of hand-dyed of colors. Each bundle is comprised of several colors of a wool/mohair blend and one strand of a little something special for extra “pop”. It is only 70 yards per bundle.

Pattern: You cast on length wise about 200 stitches and knit until you leave a strand. Leave it hanging there and cast on with the other yard of color. When you’re all done, place beads on the ends and tie them in knots. It takes two to make a long one, skinny scarf, as seen in the photo. It’s knit on a size 9 US needle.

Some nice scarf projects for you to do!

Those are some ideas for Christmas! Also, if you made one of these scarves, don’t be afraid to share it! Look us up on facebook and tag us in the photo! We love to share what our customers are knitting!

Click here for our facebook.


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One Skein Easy Knit: Project Two

The whole point of Christmas is giving, not because you have to give but because you want to give. You give your heart out with projects especially with knitting.

A great gift to give for the holidays because you want to give is baby booties. Lea-ann (A.K.A. Mom) made Jacob (my nephew) baby booties. These are great one skein projects for Christmas. A lot of our customers come in looking for projects for their family that are expecting, and what a great idea to make that won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

The pattern is a free download off of It’s free to join and share your projects and stash and everything about knitting.

Personally, I would love to make these baby booties and give them away. When I have enough money, I would like to buy toys and take them to a hospital where kids are staying over Christmas. These booties would be great gifts for new babies that are born around Christmas or any time. I would love to see a hospital give these away with a special little note for the parents. Also, it’ll include washing instructions. That image just warms my heart. I should get over my fear of knitting on small needles to make these for that purpose soon.

A great yarn to make them out of is Baby Ull. The colors are so pretty in the store! So many cute colors for babies. You can also use sock yarn. We have a new color of Happy Feet that would be so cute to makes these booties in.  I really love the color way of Heart & Sole. I just can’t wait for someone to come in and buy out the whole bin because of the colors.

Another great pattern is Saartje’s Bootees. It can also be done out of the yarns talked about above. These booties are more for little premature babies. They would be adorable with Baby Ull as the main color and Heart & Sole as the contrast color. The ones we have as a sample at the store are just one color with cute buttons. We have a cute collection in the store, Knitting Today.


With the extra yarn, you could also make a little hat to go with. Make an Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat! Such a cute pair for the new member of the family.Since the patterns are free, all you would be spending money on is the yarn. Great savings for this project! Make sure you buy your yarn at Knitting Today and buttons 🙂

Picture from rgorsegner’s ravelry account. Check out her projects on flickr!

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We’re going to be prepared.

Be prepared, for what? CHRISTMAS. It’s less than two months away. What are you going to get your family, friends, co-workers, grandkids,etc.? SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! I understand completely. I’ve been on Christmas since October.

So, I decided to ask you on facebook and ravelry what do you want to hear about: Easy One Skein projects or Top Ten Ways to Hide You’ve Been at the Knitting Store? Most of you want to know projects. But I’ll do both at some point 😉

Right now, be ready because I’m going to be posting projects for Christmas, done out of the yarns at Knitting Today. There will be one skein projects or more than one to get you Christmas ready and not always hurt your budget. I know because I’m a college student, and my list for people has escalated: my family, my brother’s family, my boyfriend, his family, and my friends! So many people, but I had to cut it down and found some cheap ideas. So I’m saving with as many people I have to get presents for and searching always for ideas to do with my stash or use my employee discount :). Well, we’re going to be prepared.