One Skein Easy Project 7

This project is the king of easy projects. It’s a brand-new yarn that we can’t keep in the store. We’re almost sold out again of Moda by Tahki Stacy Charles, INC. So far, we only have available two colors of purple. We should be receiving more colors this coming week or two, but they can’t guarantee what colors. There is also the yarn Moda Lame that includes metallic which we may get.

This is a perfect, quick Christmas gift for any lady in the family. It’s *ONLY* four stitches. Moda is a net like yarn that doesn’t require wrapping a strand around the needle. You put the loop onto it and knit it. Simple!

The pattern is free and Moda is only $9.00 USD. It takes one ball to make a scarf.

Another great scarf is made out of the Diva bundles. Diva  is a fun bundle of yarn in an array of hand-dyed of colors. Each bundle is comprised of several colors of a wool/mohair blend and one strand of a little something special for extra “pop”. It is only 70 yards per bundle.

Pattern: You cast on length wise about 200 stitches and knit until you leave a strand. Leave it hanging there and cast on with the other yard of color. When you’re all done, place beads on the ends and tie them in knots. It takes two to make a long one, skinny scarf, as seen in the photo. It’s knit on a size 9 US needle.

Some nice scarf projects for you to do!

Those are some ideas for Christmas! Also, if you made one of these scarves, don’t be afraid to share it! Look us up on facebook and tag us in the photo! We love to share what our customers are knitting!

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  1. Hey, Tara, did you really mean to cross out the “here”?? And, I just heard from Tahki that more Moda will be on the way Monday, 12/12 — don’t know what colors yet, but for anyone on the list we’ll call and give you a choice.

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