Christmas stocking

So, DH Tom says to me “Jacob (our almost-two-year old grandson) needs a Christmas stocking this year.” Really? I’m thinking. We always forget to take Tara’s (daughter) stocking home from the store display. I designed and knit it for a class at Benjamin Franklin’s in about 1993 and still display it; even translated it to machine knitting, so it gets displayed every year. Consequently,  our stockings hung by the chimney with care are mis-mash  of stuff that really needs attention.  Eyes are falling off trent’s (son’s) bear stocking. I don’t think I ever even made one for Haley (youngest daughter). I think she uses one I had when I lived at my mom and dad’s. Mine has a coffee stain. Tom (Mr. UPS man) has several his customers gave him and he takes back to refill every year – rofl.  Lukinda, (daughter-in-law) doesn’t have one yet. And, besides, Jacob opens presents at home and has his own stocking there so maybe I’ll just glitter glue his name on a purchased stocking? Really! Scrooge-ish? Or do I need to suck it up and  do something about the sorry state of stockings affair at the McGregor house?

Show us your stockings….maybe I’ll be inspired?

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