One Skein Easy Knit: Project Two

The whole point of Christmas is giving, not because you have to give but because you want to give. You give your heart out with projects especially with knitting.

A great gift to give for the holidays because you want to give is baby booties. Lea-ann (A.K.A. Mom) made Jacob (my nephew) baby booties. These are great one skein projects for Christmas. A lot of our customers come in looking for projects for their family that are expecting, and what a great idea to make that won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

The pattern is a free download off of Ravelry.com. It’s free to join and share your projects and stash and everything about knitting.

Personally, I would love to make these baby booties and give them away. When I have enough money, I would like to buy toys and take them to a hospital where kids are staying over Christmas. These booties would be great gifts for new babies that are born around Christmas or any time. I would love to see a hospital give these away with a special little note for the parents. Also, it’ll include washing instructions. That image just warms my heart. I should get over my fear of knitting on small needles to make these for that purpose soon.

A great yarn to make them out of is Baby Ull. The colors are so pretty in the store! So many cute colors for babies. You can also use sock yarn. We have a new color of Happy Feet that would be so cute to makes these booties in.  I really love the color way of Heart & Sole. I just can’t wait for someone to come in and buy out the whole bin because of the colors.

Another great pattern is Saartje’s Bootees. It can also be done out of the yarns talked about above. These booties are more for little premature babies. They would be adorable with Baby Ull as the main color and Heart & Sole as the contrast color. The ones we have as a sample at the store are just one color with cute buttons. We have a cute collection in the store, Knitting Today.


With the extra yarn, you could also make a little hat to go with. Make an Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat! Such a cute pair for the new member of the family.Since the patterns are free, all you would be spending money on is the yarn. Great savings for this project! Make sure you buy your yarn at Knitting Today and buttons 🙂

Picture from rgorsegner’s ravelry account. Check out her projects on flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/62391131@N00

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