One easy Skein: Project 3

I always want some thing to keep me warm. I love scarves. I wear some sample scarves around the store while Iwork.  A favorite of mine is the Reversible Cables Scarf. We had a customer come in and even tried it on herself, almost walked away with it! When mom is chilled at work, she even slips it on. It’s the perfect length and great to slide into your coat.

It’s a 6 in X 40 in scarf. The pattern says it’s for intermediate knitters. I am one, so it would be easy for me. If you’re worried about cables, don’t be. They are super fun to learn and do! Don’t say you can’t handle this because it’s out of your experience. Think positive thoughts, and you’ll do great. Even when you mess up on a project, think positive thoughts on how this will be a learning experience.  It only takes one skein of Ty-dy Socks with many colors to choose from in that category. You can make an optional keyhole (seen in the photo) or you can do one wthout. When I first started looking at Christmas gifts, this was the first one I wanted to do for my girlfriends. They are on campus at college, walking in the cold winters. If it keeps my neck warm, it sure would for them! This project is still on my bucket list to give to my friends.

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