One of a Kind Kits

Hey everyone! I love these mosaic patterns called the Key to Warmth Cowl, All Keyed Up Hat, and You Hold the Key Mitts. It looks like Fair Isle, but it’s not! You work one color at a time! I was looking through the bins of Noro Kureyon and Shepherd’s Wool. I decided to make limited One of a Kind Kits for these three patterns.

You can only order these kits by calling us at 1-800-426-5098 or if you are local 1-260-351-2260.  But here are your choices:


All these kits are limited edition because we only have a few skeins of the Kureyon or the Shepherd’s Wool. If you like the original colors for the Key to Warmth Cowl, we can special order it for you!

Pick your color arrangement, which pattern you want to do, and call us!

The price for the kits are 27.95 (not including shipping). Hope to hear you call!

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