Easy One Skein Knit: Project 4

Another great gift for winter is hats! Teens and adults love slouchy hats. You can always find some great patterns online. One of our favorites is the Knit Celebrity Beanies for the family book (we keep selling out!).

If you want to learn how to do cables, the Quick Cable Slouchy Hat is the perfect one! This was designed to help a student learn to make cables. One skein of Shepherd’s Wool will do. If you love a plain slouchy, I will say the best one for girls is Plymouth’s Slouchy Hat. It’s a free with purchase pattern at Knitting Today. Any yarn you buy to make a hat will make this a free pattern. I love it. I would recommend to cast on 80 stitches instead of 100. I have a head about 22″-23″ big and 80 is perfect. Then increase by 20 stitches. When you are ready to decrease, go to the step with (90 sts). I made revisions, yes I know. If you want it to be like the male hat on the Slouchy book, you can increase by ten and add more length than 8″ total.

A man’s hat that I love is Quest for a man off of Ravelry. It has some detail but not over the top full of flowers. Just perfect for his walk in the winter. Another man’s book you might want in your collection is the Scandinavian Caps for Guys

Hope this piques your interest in knitting hats for the family! 

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