New March category- finally

Wow, it’s been a very long time since my last post.  Not because I’ve been slacking, though.  And, since we DID get the big snow and I DID get to snuggle in for a few days I haven’t been pouting, either.  Just been incredibly busy.   No Penny means that I am stocking and working the floor and doing a few other little things that she used to do and I tell you what- that takes away a whole lot of desk time!

I have finally gotten a New March category on the website. In it you’ll find the 1/2 Crepe that Lea-Ann introduced a few posts ago, as well as new patterns from Jojoland. By the end of next week you’ll also find Classic Elite Lite- barring a desk full of odds and ends and whatnots.

Keep your eyes open on the blog for new sock yarn, cashmere, and roving from Hippie Penguin Fibers. This is a very limited stock of hand dyed yarns from our very own Hilary Lash. I have every intention of having all the Hippie Penguin Fibers products available for purchase by Monday at the absolute latest. 

Hippie Penguin Fibers roving

Here is a sneak peek at the roving.  Isn’t it beautiful? The colors are so vibrant- I wish I could transmit that through the computer, but the image cannot capture the color to the fullest. I have never spun before but have always wanted to learn.  It is killing me to have this in the shop and not  know how to spin.  I’ve been telling myself that I do not need another hobby, but I am having more and more of a difficult time convincing myself.  I mean really, what’s one more hobby, right?  🙂

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  1. Yeah, what is one more hobby? I am with you, do I want to learn or do I want to just knit more. Decisions! Decisions! I hope the sock yarn looks at good as the rovings and I will be checking back to find out. Hilary is one very talented young woman. Wish I still had that much energy.

    Glad to see March up and growing on the web site. Good job Susan, I always enjoy your blogs.

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