Day Dreaming Part 3

There is a good reason why I’m telling you these color options. It’s so I don’t talk while working.  I literally drive mom nuts because I talk so much about the yarn and patterns and everything! She has to focus while I be all artsy running around. This is the scene that happens:

Me: “I have an idea!”

Mom: “What is it?”

Me: “I want to do a lace shawl out of this color but not this one because it would bring out the dye in my hair and I don’t want that.”

Mom: “I thought it was something pertaining to work.”

Well, it now is pertaining to work, Mother.

Today, I wore a navy blue shirt with a white skirt (it helps because I’m majorly sun burnt on my legs).  But, I feel like my outfit is uncompleted. It needs red and gets me in the 4th of July Spirit! I had a specific yarn in my head that I asked mom about or wished he had. Technically, we do but it’s my grandma’s project that needs fixed.

So I need a new red idea to bring out the color of my outfit. While learning and helping a customer pick up stitches along the edge for a ribbing in a sweater, I looked at the Tatamy Tweed DK, and a light bulb came on! This would be cute with a lacey neck scarf to complete the outfit.

I just don’t have enough time to knit my ideas but they are great. I think if I did the color Fireplace or Cherry Tweed  with a free pattern with purchase, Four Seasons Scarf. I would also probably knit mine looser with larger needles than called for. But it has the lace look I want with such a beautiful yarn. It would cute even with a normal tee and capris, kahkis, or etc. This would be perfect for an occasion.

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