For posterity: !! POP !!

I need to record what I’ve done somewhere, so I remember how to do it again. Do you have to do that too?

This project is called !! POP !! By Emily Wessel  from http://www.tincanknits.com and it is such a cute design with interesting techniques. I named my Ravelry project: Two To Pop.  I did my first square though and wasn’t happy with it. I think I lost track of my plain rounds which causes it to nipple (appropriate for a newborn baby blanket?) in the middle. The short rows were not coming intuitively and, in fact, I was wrapping them the wrong way which made it difficult to pick up the wraps. And the bind off is holey. What I do like is my yarn choice: Rhythm Superwash and Creative Focus Superwash (wish that it was not discontinued).

New starts:

  • slip knot cast on Lorna Miser taught at the recent class and Invisible Circular Cast on (from Cast On, Bind Off— a pre-order at Knitting Today or order through this link via Amazon)
  • counting ladders between stitches that Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee taught at recent class.
  • try Sweet tomato heel technique for short rows and knit back backward to save time
  • try bind off lorna used for a blanket she worked on while visiting and Elastic Bind off (from Cast On, Bind Off— a pre-order at Knitting Today)

Pop in Rhythm and CF Superwash

P.S. Did I mention the blanket consists of 20 squares and I’ll make two of them, plus a big one for my grandson? Eek!

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