An Old Flame and a New Love

We have just gotten new stock (and re-stocked a few colors) of Galway Worsted and I am reminded once again of how much I like this yarn. There is definitely a place in my knitting for the lofty, super-soft merinos such as Shepherd’s Wool, but Galway is what I want when I desire something a little more hard-wearing. I just adore the heather tones- so much so that I have a sweater’s worth of color 738 Lichen Heather in my stash. It was originally bought for the Cassidy but who knows- I may come across something equally fabulous and change my mind. I do know that no matter what I create with it, I will enjoy every minute of knitting and wearing it. Galway will forever be a love of mine.

And then we have the new flame Plymouth Tweed . Those who know me know that I am not what you would call adventurous by any stretch of the imagination. I am a fairly conservative knitter and I have no problem with a rustic feeling wool. When I knit a swatch of this at the yarn tasting it was love at first stitch. I really like that it has the look of Donegal, but is not nearly as stiff. Not overly soft, just not what I would consider a vintage feel. I picture the Neck Down Hooded Tunic for Women by Knitting Pure and Simple done in this. I don’t know what it is with me and hoods…. I am without a doubt going to do the Moxie by c2knits.

Moxie by c2knits

Moxie by c2knits
 I think it’s so cute and I like the way it fastens with the button. I am working on getting this one in the system. It will be a knit-along after the first of the year in case you’re interested. Drat!! I am having issues uploading the pic but keep watching the website- it is coming soon!

I am coming along well on my daughter’s stocking…. right about at 2/3 done. I have a set amount that I have to do each night as I am bound and determined that it will be hanging up Christmas Eve. Not an easy task by any means but I have the carrot of knitting dangling before my nose- right now I simply don’t have much time for knitting. I like seeing the picture develop and my daughter’s excitement at watching it progress has been a lot of fun. It may not be as quick as knitting but I still get that sense of accomplishment.

Happy Knitting (or crafting, baking, shopping, wrapping or whatever else this holiday season finds you doing)

2 thoughts on “An Old Flame and a New Love”

  1. I like new yarn also. I think the colors of the Galway are really nice, are they new? I might have to get some but I am trying to be good, emphasis on trying. I am almost finished with a lace project and will finish a UFO before starting something new. Good luck with the stocking.

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