What are you working on?

I’d like to know if you are working on gifts for the holiday gift-giving season. Do you think you’ll have everything done that you want to? Do you let the stress of the hustle and bustle get to you? What do you do to keep the focus on the positive? Post by December 1 for a chance at a drawing for the

Interweave Knitted Gifts Book
Interweave Knitted Gifts Book

26 thoughts on “What are you working on?”

  1. I have been busy with my CCS Charity group, they stitch the blocks and I make them into quilted lap robes for a nursing home. I realized that we got such a late start for Christmas, so I pulled out my trusty Bond knitting machine and went to town. In a little over a week I had 16 throws and lap robes knitted for the nursing home. I know the residents will enjoy the throws as many are undergoing Chemo treatments and a little warmth is appreciated. I am not as fast as my mother with knitting or crocheting but I still follow in her footsteps with sharing my craft with those in need. Mother used to knit hats for the newborns, and homeless. She would also knit or crochet lap robes for nursing homes and for fellow Chemo Patients. I have two quilt tops ready to be quilted for my daughters but I know I won’t get them done this year. They are both involved in charity groups as well, Jenny makes toy for the toy drops and Melanie is in the Cross Stitch Group so I know they will understand why their Christmas present (quilt) was not finished. Maybe Santa will bring me a much needed Mid or Long Arm Quilting Machine, well I can dream can’t I.
    Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season

  2. Hi,

    I am handicapped, but it does not keep me from doing projects in knitting that each one would enjoy! Some just do not comply.
    Oh,well, someday they will catch on and feel happy to receive any hand made gift.

    Hi, I hope I interpreted the question to give a request – am I ready for Christmas? Getting there!

    The gifts I have yet to make are two sets of hats, mittens and scarves for our 2 grandchildren who are getting quite cold when they venture outside without any. They have some, but I thought maybe they could use a couple of more pairs to keep their little hands warm.

    I hope to finish this task, I don’t seem to have little hand and little head patterns, so that means going on the net and digging hard for just the right patterns.

    Thanks for opening this forum.

  3. Well, I’m trying to use up some “stash” so I just worked my way through 12 mini-scarves in the Knit Simple fall magazine, and now I’m using odds and ends of felting (wool) yarn to knit I-tube “bangle” bracelets that I’ll felt.
    I also finished three of my UFO’s over Thanksgiving weekend — yahoo!

    My high school knit/crochet group is making hats, mittens and scarves to donate.

  4. Hi Knitting Today! A new blog design, quite nice. I am glad to be here in Texas with my husband after an extended separation due to a job change plus I am very thankful that the house sold as quickly as it did in today’s economy. We are actively looking at “new” homes but there are so many here that it is amazing. With no house to worry about and such a small apartment to keep up with I have actually been doing quite a bit of knitting. I decided to knit gifts for the family this year and have finished one that I started earlier this year. I found some yarn (I hope I got the correct name on my Rav project page) in the container I allowed myself to keep here in the apartment and started a lace scarf that I am almost finished with and will need to block. I hope I can get that finished as I have never blocked anything before. I will look through the container of finished scarves and such in the storage locker to see if anything will work but I also plan to start a few more scarves. I wish I could get some felting done but the washer here in the apartment does not have a water temp control so no way to do felting. Other than what I hope to get made I usually do not worry too much about the holidays. I rarely decorate as we are out of town and we usually do not exchange gifts either so there really is not much to worry about. I enjoy the season and this year I just feel like making things so if they get finishe great if not that is okay also.

  5. I have found myself browsing yarn stores, thinking of what small projects I can work on for little presents. I knit my sister a couple of washcloths and put a nice jar of bath salts in the middle of them. I left them in her bathroom as a “Thanks” for having Thanksgiving dinner at her home for all of the people in our family.

  6. I actually started working on Christmas presents back in the spring, but I know I still won’t get everything done that I wanted to. Too many other things going on right now, but I still knit every free minute I have. I have knitted a couple of sweaters, 3 lace scarves, 4 hat/scarf sets, 4 pairs of slipper socks, and a dozen or so dishcloths. I still need to finish up the 3 pairs of socks I’m working on plus another 3 pairs I haven’t even started yet. I haven’t started the lace sweater that I wanted to get done, so I think I will at least get it on the needles to wrap up and finish after the first of the year. It seems like every year somebody gets a gift that they don’t actually receive completed until January. I think they are used to it.

    Hope you all have a blessed Christmas and thank you for having such a wonderful shop!

  7. With my mother’s passing, I am definately trying to be more stress free. I am currently working on an afghan for a gift.
    May all your days be filled with at a few crafting moments.

  8. This has been one of the most stressful years I can recall. With the birth of a new grandson & the death of a 9-year-old grandson, this Christmas will be one of bittersweetness.

    To diminish my stress level I knit lace! I suppose the need for concentration keeps my mind off other things! Also on the needles is my charity knitting – cancer caps, troop gaiters & baby clothes.

  9. I am working on a scarf for may husband. I knit at lunch at work so He won
    t know about it. I am making it out of Shepherd’s wool in a gray. My master plan is to see if he likes the color so I can make him a sweater out of the same color wool for mext year.

  10. I have many gifts to make before Christmas – I do this every year – plan a lot of gifts and race to the day!! I get a little anxious and wish I could stay home and knit/crochet instead of going to work, but I have to have an income to pay for the yarn:)
    I am making a pile of hats for gifts this year – I got request from 3 nephews, both my daughters and their boyfriends and a belated birthday gift for a brother-inlaw. A shawl for my mother-inlaw, socks for my best friend and face cloths for the gals at work!
    Phew! – See why I want to stay home? I have finished 2 hats, a pair of socks for my husband, and a cashmere scarf for my mom. I love this time of year & making gifts for my loved ones. Everyone has something that I have already made them, but they still like getting something new for Christmas. I am so glad, I love to make gifts!

  11. I like to hand knit charity baby hats as a take-a-long project. Nothing complicated – complicated is for home projects. It is easy to try out different stitch patterns since they are so small. Compact to carry around. Quick to finish, so there is a feeling of accomplishment. Mindless, so I can talk and listen with fewer mistakes. Keeps my hands busy, and exercise to keep Uncle Arthur away.

  12. I am working on many Chrsitmas knitting projects, it seems I am always trying to knit too much before Christmas. I am knitting a pair of Christmas socks for my niece, a hooded vest for my younger niece, mittlets for my daughter, and socks for my husband. I may try to knit up some dishcloths also… That’s why I need UFO night!! 🙂

  13. Ok- socks for DH and DD. Mittlets for grandaughter. Tank top for stepmom. I think that is plenty considering my back has been hurting and knitting is not getting done 🙁

  14. I love knitting gifts but my eyes are often bigger than my time. I am working on toys, socks and in the cue I have a sweater…I also need some ideas for a few other people, this book would be helpful! thanks for the chance to win!

  15. As a new retiree I have joined two local knit groups and am enjoying myself a lot. I’ve made my first socks and now have a couple of books about socks. What fun they are! Our first grandchild is due in March, and, as my son pointed out, I’ve gone a little crazy! Tiny little sleeves and backs–oh, too cute and quick! What is there not to love about that. I did start right on the afghan which I won at retreat and finished it very quickly. Gave me such a sense of accomplishment, and I’ve just continued knitting. I did a conversion of a maternity hoodie from hand to machine knit so that I could get it finished in a timely manner. So I’ve been busy!

  16. I’ve frogged most of my other projects to make way for the “Pi” Shawl. I consider it a right of passage for most knitters crossing the mark of beginning-intermediate knitter to more advanced knitting.

    I’m carefully giving myself a “life-line” every few rows while I methodically work through the Zimmerman’s pattern. It’s very soothing to work the rhythm of the rows.

  17. Howdy,
    I’m working on Selbu mittens with some Shepherd’s Wool fingering (what I have leftover from my lacy beret). Also, I have just a few small things to knit for Christmas: a pair of socks for my nephew, on size 5 needles they’ll go fairly quickly; a scarf for my niece, that’s on size 13 needles so that’s a quickie too. Other than that, I’m preparing to submit a pattern to Knitty!

  18. I have made sweaters for 3 granddaughters and have started a challenging sweater for myself. As I am still non weight bearing in a cast on my right ankle with a fusion, I have a lot of time on my hands to tackle a challenge. Merry Christmas to All.

  19. A couple of weeks ago I finished a cardigan sweater for myself with the 2nd Time Cotton and am very pleased with the results. Now I am knitting Barbie clothes for Ava, my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter. Seems like deja vu all over again; I did this for my daughter 35 years ago. For relief from the size 1 needles, I also am continuing to knit Light Up My Life stole in Hempathy. I am 13 rows into the 36 row repeat on the last section, so I plan on completing it before Christmas. This pattern is lovely! We continue to enjoy the sunny Orange County, California weather.

  20. A. Warped, Knitter

    I have a special Christmas project that I started working on in the spring (I can’t think what happened to me) and the two gifts that I am making for Christmas just need to be blocked so I think I might make it. A far cry from the days when I would wrap the fabric and the pattern and put them under the tree with a promise to get the garment made right after Christmas.

  21. Hello,

    I have been working on a number of projects for the Holidays. I’m making the Central Park Hoodie sweater for my DIL. Almost done with that – just the button band and hood to go and it will be done. I’m also making socks for the members of the Christmas families that we-ve adopted fromt he Christmas bureau. Nine pairs required – 6 and 1/2 pairs done. I’m also working on a sweater for myself – “A Sweater to Fit” It is coming along beautifully and should be done by next week some time. Just finished a “Wonderful Wallaby” sweater for my grandson, and got requests from other members of the family for one of their own (but not for Christmas!). I should have all of my Christmas projects finished in time for giving.

    Knitting is the greatest way for me to relieve stress. I find it very relaxing and try to be sure that I always have a project with me wherever I go.

    Hope you have your projects on schedule also!

    Karen in Fort Wayne, IN

  22. Hi Knitting Today,
    Love the snow falling and the new wintery graphics. I have finished several hats for the holidays and plan more if time permits! I also picked up some Shepard’s wool today for a few cowls(even know they might be so last year!) Happy Holidays.


    PS. The hat on the cover of Knitted Gifts is cute…might need to make that one too.

  23. Trying to finish a Toddler (girl) Sweater for Granddaughter’s Christmas present. Still have to complete the sleeves and assemble.
    Several scarves to complete. Always plan to make way more than I can humanly complete but will continue on and give next season as needed.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  24. I love the wintery graphics (much better than I like the actual winter).

    I am working on socks (no surprise to anyone who knows me), including pairs for my younger sister and my oldest niece for Christmas. I am also working on a sweater for my oldest grand-niece for Christmas. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew—er, complete.

    I have finished socks for my youngest sister for Christmas, and also for my mother and my son (a.k.a. Mr. Bigfoot).

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