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Yes, we are open for business

Even though the boxes piled against the window give cause for  concern, this is just part of the extra stock  we’re taking to Stitches Midwest… And, we really hope that after loading the trailer today we can give the customers room to shop for the rest of the week. But, a lot of inventory will be in boxes because we’re taking the wonderful white cubes for the booth.  If you like finding unexpected goodies in boxes, make your way to Knitting Today and enjoy the hunt!

Or, come to Stitches and visit us in booth 227-231. We’ll show you some great looking ty-dy projects, warm sweaters in Shepherd’s Wool, cozy Zealana Rimu and Kauri possum wear, Hiyahiya interchangeables, Noni felted bags in both crochet and knit, and the wonderful  American-made purse hardware from Jul Silver…


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  1. Have a great time at Stitches. Hope you come back with broken down boxes as you sold everything there.

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