Ready to Help… our own Elf!


Well, he really isn’t our own elf, but he sure is darn cute!!!!! New grandson, Jacob,  is wearing the Andean Hat that is coming with us to Stitches Midwest. Yepp, we are packing for it!  The store looks like an actual hurricane has came through.  Jjust wait until we take the shelves, Susan will be selling out of boxes while we’re gone!  She might even throw a “box” sale just so we don’t have to put it back on shelves.  Stay tuned . .

Cassidy is almost done!  It is completely assembled, just waiting to finish up a few ends, block and sew on the buttons.  Can’t wait to show you the final product.

Giveaway:  In the meantime, if you would like to win one of the hat kits Jacob is wearing, leave a comment.  We’ll draw a winner upon our return from Stitches Midwest.  And, if you don’t want to make the hat?  There is enough yarn in the kit to make Marie Mayhew’s felted eggs or use do a multi-color felted bag, like Noni’s Vintage Purse.  Oh, and notice that the hat is lined?  Tammy Otis came up with that idea all on her own and shared a write-up with us.  Make sure you ask for it if you order a kit.  Speaking of Tammy, her and DH celebrated their anniversary recently and guess where they spent some of the time?  Yep, here!  She brought us size of the Andean Hats in various colorways for our display at Stitches.  Thank you, Tammy!  And congrats, to both of you on your anniversary too! 

Jim and Tammy — Happy Anniversary!

Another kit we’ll be featuring at Stitches Midwest is the Freedom Hat kit, available in three colorways.  It is a fun knit! 

Freedom Hat Kit

 Boy, am I rambling. . . can you tell my thoughts are on packing for Stitches?  Must get back to it — Lea-Ann

6 thoughts on “Ready to Help… our own Elf!”

  1. I have always thought the Andean hat was cute, but it is definitely adorable on little Jacob. I would love to make one. Hope you have a fun time at Stitches. Wish I could go. Maybe next year.

  2. The hat looks great on little Jacob, I bet he loved wearing it too. Lining the hat sure would help with the warmth factor in my opinion. Hope all goes well at Stitches.

  3. i would love to win one of those hats. those are too darn cute! but most likely my comment does not count and i have to make one myself.,

  4. He looks sooo cute!!!!!! I would like to win a hat or just make one it doesnt matter to me which!!!! Hope u had a great weekend!!

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