Woolly Trunkshow

Marie Mayhew's Woolly Sheep

While I was on what I choose to refer to as a “snow vacation” last week, we got in a trunk show from Marie Mayhew.  I have long adored her creations- they are so stinkin’ cute!  I have christened the Woolly Sheep you see to the left Doris.  In my head she speaks with a British accent and spends her days frolicking in flower fields dispensing widsom to all her little creature friends.   She is very motherly, calls everyone “dear” and frequently hosts tea parties complete with cucumber sandwiches.  Now that I think about it, she is the Mary Poppins of the sheep world- minus the magic carpet bag.

Woolly Birds

I wish that I could post pics of everything, but there is just too much, so I’m only sharing a few.  If you are near the area, I encourage you to pop in and take a look.  In addition to Doris, and the Woolly Birds you see to the right we have the Woolly Nests, Eggs, Candy Corn (done in styles for many holidays), additional Woolly Sheep, Bunnies and Chicks.  There is a class for the Woolly Bunnies and Chicks on Saturday so give us a ring if you are interested.  Pictured below you can see the Woolly Gnome, whom I have named Herb, (we also have a few other gnomes and mushrooms not pictured), and the Woolly Penguin chick.    To see all the Marie Mayhew patterns click on the link. https://knittingtoday.com/go.mvc?ID=mayhew

Herb the Woolly Gnome
Woolly Chick

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