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Weekender Duffle

Karen is a busy, busy  lady, making sure that we have plenty of Knit Happy products to satisfy our need for those fun little extras.  She has added a new collection , called the Uptown Collection, to her line of Knit Happy products. 

These products have a different flavor than the other totes and accessory bags.  They are made of a quilt-look black microfiber that gives them a bit more sophisticated look, hence the name.  While they still boast the Knit Happy logo, they go beyond the knitting totes that we have come to love.  The Weekender Duffle is roomy enough to fit everything you need for a weekend getaway, while the Sling Purse is small enough to be convenient, but is also packed full of pockets.  Click the link at top to see the entire collection.

In addition to the Uptown Collection, there is a new little tote, called the Take-Along Tote that is just right for smaller projects.  I’m thinking this would be a great little poolside bag.  Stuff a bottle of sunscreen in the front pocket, throw a book or Kindle, maybe an iPod, and a sock project in the tote and I’m good for the afternoon.  You can bet that the purse hanger is going to find it’s way home with me some day soon.  I do not like to set my purse on the floor at restaurants, sometimes chairs just aren’t designed to hold a purse, and if one is able to hang the strap over the back of the chair then the purse is hanging out there in everyone’s way.  Or maybe that part is just because I have a purse the size of small luggage.  Either way, I must have this!

Knit Happy Tape Measures

That isn’t all!  Check out the entire Knit Happy line, including the new tape measurers,  here.

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