Well, what do you know!

Opal Kaleidoskop and Cotton 2010

I DO have a few things under my desk, thanks for asking.  They have been pillaged and plundered but there is still plenty left.   Waiting patiently to be checked in are Opal Kaleidoscope and Cotton 2010.  I am really digging the Cotton 2010.  The colors are somewhat muted and have a very soft look.  Soft to the touch, too.   See those two skeins with the yellow labels?  Whatever could that be?  Some special dye lot, perhaps?  Maybe a one of a kind colorway?  Hmmm.   I wonder? 

Susan's Opal

oh, wait!  I know what it is!  It’s me being greedy. :0 Take a closer look- do you see what it says? It says “Susan”.  That would be me.  Isn’t that positively shameful?   It’s just that sometimes we have yarn mysteriously disappear from the boxes, so if I really want something I have to put my name on it.  I have this (completely unreasonable) fear that if I don’t grab a yarn the minute it comes in then it will be gone and there will never again be a yarn that I like as much and I will have missed my chance.  I do realize how ridiculous this is, but I also know that I am not the only one who thinks this way so I admit it freely.   It’s why we all have a stash.

Just in case you think that is the only thing sitting around waiting on me, check out the Mauch Chunky.

Mauch Chunky – New Colors!

Some of these colors are new and will be on the website soon, a few are re-orders and will available again right away (as soon as I receive them).  We will have even more colors as winter approaches.  I know, who even wants to think of cold weather when it’s the peak of summer, but it is inevitable so you may as well have something to look forward to, right.  I really do have a love affair going on with this yarn.  The colors are so cool- never only one color, but subtle shades provide this wonderful depth.  Sometimes you don’t notice it right away, but as you get to really looking at it you notice the less prominent colors in each colorway.  Worth taking a look at.

AND.  The UPS man was just here with a box from Knit One Crochet Too full of re-stocks of  Ty-Dy Dots, as well as Ty-Dy Socks (I think some new colors), and some new colors of Soxx Appeal

Given all that is waiting on me- I am going to get to work.  I’ll update soon on my Tee for Two. Planning on picking up to knit the sides tonight. Maybe I’ll even takes some pics and get this project on Ravelry. One can always hope.

UPDATE:  The Mauch Chunky and Ty-Dy Socks (including the new colors!)  and Dots are checked in!  I’m so fast I can’t even see myself…

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  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for letting me know about the pattern book. Was hoping to get it from you guys but understand completely. You tempt me too much. How is the tee coming along, sure would like some pictures….

    Cotton did you mention cotton?

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