Its time to Bind off!

Haley started Stellanti her final year in 4-H (2012??). She made it through to the last border section before putting it in the UFO closet because her stitch count didn’t match the pattern. I picked it up a couple years later and guess what I found . . . it was a simple matter of the yarnover being placed on the wrong side of the stitch marker! That’s all! I was able to drop the offending stitch down a couple rows and work it back up correctly and now, finally, its time to do the Bind Off!! Yes! So, instead of following the instructions, what do I do? I grab my favorite resource ….

But, guess what, I ended up following the instructions anyways because the one I chose from the book was the one she recommended in the pattern. Who would have thought! If you want to have an excellent resource book for your library, I highly recommend grabbing a copy from the link above. If you are looking for a nice, stretchy bind off for the edge of your lace shawl, look up Lace Bind Off! Enjoy!
P.S. And, yes, I’m binding off at my granddaughter’s gymnastics class. Where is the last place you bound off?

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