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Its time to Bind off!

Haley started Stellanti her final year in 4-H (2012??). She made it through to the last border section before putting it in the UFO closet because her stitch count didn’t match the pattern. I picked it up a couple years later and guess what I found . . . it was a simple matter of the yarnover being placed on the wrong side of the stitch marker! That’s all! I was able to drop the offending stitch down a couple rows and work it back up correctly and now, finally, its time to do the Bind Off!! Yes! So, instead of following the instructions, what do I do? I grab my favorite resource ….

But, guess what, I ended up following the instructions anyways because the one I chose from the book was the one she recommended in the pattern. Who would have thought! If you want to have an excellent resource book for your library, I highly recommend grabbing a copy from the link above. If you are looking for a nice, stretchy bind off for the edge of your lace shawl, look up Lace Bind Off! Enjoy!
P.S. And, yes, I’m binding off at my granddaughter’s gymnastics class. Where is the last place you bound off?

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More featured books

Many knitters come into the store using many different types of needles. Personally,  I try to stick with size 8 needles and not go too small. Some knitters are big needle gals and always look for chunky/bulky yarn. This book has the patterns featured in Plymouth Yarns such as Encore,  Galway, etc. The patterns include afghans,  sweaters,  scarves,  home decor,  and accessories. All have different stitch patterns and look alluring. There’s a mans sweater that is absolutely gorgeous ( and no,  I’m not looking at the guy). Since we do stock in Plymouth Yarns,  we can special order any non-discontinued yarn. If you would like to special order,  please call at 1-800-426-5098.


Knitting Outside the lines. Unfortunately,  I like to stay inside the lines. But if you want to go beyond,  check out Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. The photography and stories are beautiful. It melts your heart. The patterns include some for ladies,  babies,  for the house,  kids,  and accessories. As I scanned the pages and read stories,  I found out some of these yarns are great brands. Mom is yelling,  “What is going on back there?”  My reply:  “I’m reading!!!  I also need more yarn!”  This is a must have.


Again,  I’m a history junkie. Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting includes the history of Fair Isle knitting. I adore the technique. If there was a museum of Fair Isle knitting,  I would get lost on purpose and never make it out.  Mom also loves this technique.  Just look at this picture: *click here*

I’ve done many projects in Fair Isle,  but I don’t do it the correct way.  I twist instead of actually creating Fair Isle.  When I make a mistake,  it’s hard to untangled. This may help me with the “correct” approach. Alice has done a great job of showing colors,  techniques,  pattern,  and creating your own.  During a quick break,  I  had to describe what made my life so exclamatory in the back room.  I told the Tuesday Lace Group about these books and received some opinions.  They highly suggest  the Book of Fair Isle Knitting.  ‘It’s a classic.’ It’s a great addition to your knitting book collection.


 Remeber!  We have the book coupon that ends Friday, September 2nd.  Coupon Code: books  – click Redeem Coupon!

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Back to School Book Special

It’s the season for learning! Ever wanted to go beyond with your knitting and try new techniques from books? Well, we have a special coupon for you. It’s 30% off all hand knitting books! This coupon lasts until September 2, 2011.

Books you might want to check out:

Sometimes saving for Christmas is year round to buy presents for family, friends, or people we just care about. This book can get you started early for Christmas that is four months away! I can’t believe it’s getting close either. I have college break in December. Anyways, people love handcrafted stockings. My mom made me one with my name embroidered, and I want it hanging up each year (sad thing, it’s usually in the store).



I love history and ancient cultures. When we learned about Incan Pyramids, Mayan culture, and Aztecs, I fell in love with how they lived.  A lot of people knit Norweigan patterns which is great. I like their patterns as well. But this book captures beauty of another place. I wonder how they wear such warm sweaters in a hot climate? The equator is near!


Two (okay maybe three) books I really love are from the Elsebeth Lavold Collection.  She has lovely designs to go with her titles.

 My first book is Book Nineteen, The Wellington Collection. Not only because, Dad knit George from this book, but also the model for George is quite stunning 😉 . All the patterns are done out of Eucool, a lovely DK wool and eucalyptus blend.

My second favorite book of the Elsebeth Lavold Collection would be Book Eight, The Enchanted Garden Collection. Just the title itself makes everything seem magical. The sweaters are classy and intricate. Beauty just sprouts from the trees. My next favorite is Book Sixteen, The Touch of Romance Collection.  It has sweaters to anyone who can fall in love– even the dog!

So check out our books, that was just a sneak peek  😉

Coupon Code: books  – Remember to click Redeem Coupon!


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Books that have captivated me

I couldn't put it down... must learn more!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a book fiend.  At one time I counted over 1000 books in my home.  I quite counting because knowing how many books I really have would be like knowing what’s in my stash.  If I truly knew how many books/much yarn I have tucked here and there I run the danger of facing the fact that I just may have *GASP* too much.  Pah!  Not likely to happen but still, it is a very real danger.  Two recent additions to the Knitting Today bookshelves have me fascinated.  I can’t even guess how much time I spent poring over them as I was getting them in the system.  Purely research for the job, you understand.

The first you see to the left: The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing by Eva Lambert & Tracey Kendall.   Ever since I bought a skein of camel yarn that had been dyed with Pokeberry (that berry weed that turns bird poop purple every summer) I have been intrigued by the natural dyeing process.  You have to understand that I was on a field trip with my daughter’s class and actually abandoned my post and shoved (albeit, politely) my group of children onto another parent in order to run back to the little fiber shop and get this yarn.  I had seen it earlier and almost had myself talked out of getting it, silly girl that I am.  We were waiting to board the bus to come home when rational thought got hold of me and I literally ran to buy the yarn.  Not because it was camel, not because it was so well spun, but because it was such a vibrant purple and it had come from POKEBERRY!  I have never been able to get the thought of dyeing out of my head and along comes this book and it is such a comprehensive guide that it has me thinking that even a relative twit such as myself might be able to do this.  I could go on and on about how it starts with the bare bones basics before delving into different fiber content and dyeing techniques and recipes and all that but you would tire of reading long before I ran out of words so suffice it to say that I am hooked.

13 projects inside!

The other book that has me hooked (yes, poor pun intended) is Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet by Sheryl Thies.  I am not very familiar with Tunisian Crochet (or afghan stitch, or whatever term you prefer) so I was pleased to discover the variety of stitches used and the textures created.  The only Tunisian Crochet garment I had seen (I think) is the store sample we have using the Cotton Classic Lite.  The projects in this book are equally contemporary and attractive.  There is an Entrelac shawl that is particularly cool.  It has a detailed tutorial in the beginning, with illustrations for each step.  Long story short, I want to try it! 

Quick side note:  for those that are still waiting, we finally have cowlgirls in stock! This has been so hard to get our hands on…