Three classes for only $12 each — today only!

Learn New Skills

Occasionally, Craftsy will put on a heck of sale and as an affiliate, I can’t help but promote it. Here’s my top three class choices on sale today only for $12 each:

Stripes, Slip-stitch olorwork, Colorwork cables, intarsia and stranded knitting. All good tools for your hand knitting arsenal, but did you know I can help you interpret these techniques on the machine within ClubKnit? Take Melissa Leapman’s Colorwork Made Easy class to get started.

What’s that? Eeek!! I think Crochet Toolkit might be the class I need:

“Better crochet fabric doesn’t have to mean big changes! In fact, you’re probably just a set of simple tips, tricks and techniques away from the results you want. Join designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby as he guides you through it all, starting with an easier way to read charts. Moving on, you’ll discover new stitches you can substitute for tidier edges or foundation chains. Dreaming of smooth, drapey fabric? Find out how linked stitches can close the gaps and make it happen. Then, add some “wow” techniques to your toolkit, such as crochet I-cord. Shannon will also guide you through some must-have math shortcuts for getting the perfect fit, and you’ll even end class with new takes on popular stitch patterns.”

Secrets of Gluten Free Baking
Non-fiber related, well sort of, hah hah — What about gluten free baking? I’ve been gluten-intolerant for a couple years now. Instead of avoiding it, I think I’ll learn how to make pie crusts, pancakes, and quick breads. Shoot, two loaves of GF bread is the cost of the class!

Will you join me on CRAFTSY and buy a class?



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