The Waves of Grief Yet…

Grief seems to be like a pendulum waiving to and fro. At one point, the day-to-day life is proceeding like it always has, but then a realization that there is a permanent change, a missing person in my life, will then send it to the other side and it is all I can do to get out of bed. But, get out of bed I do. And try and do the next thing. I keep thinking I “should” be doing more of the projects, more of the live broadcasts, more of ….. but then I realize I can only do the next thing and all that “should-ing” is just making it harder to focus on what I am working my way through. So, I do try and focus on what I need to each day: get dressed, eat, drink water, take my supplements and pills, and pack orders. I’m working on Tom’s ebay, Knitting Today’s ebay, and Knitting Today’s website orders. So actually, that counts as three things, right? And then I try and do something around the house that will eliminate some of the clutter we brought home from the building when it was sold last spring.
And so the day goes …

Liz Newman is an author new to me. On Facebook, she posts some very poignant poetry about grief. Her book is available on Amazon. Or follow her on Facebook. Today’s was:

Memories are powerful gifts. Memories give voice and renewed hope to our stories as we reflect and remember. Memories remind us of the legacies of love we carry with us each and every day, and how those stories intertwine with all the new chapters we will write.

A memory shared about a lost loved one can feel like a piece of them returned to us through another person’s eyes. Memories give our past moments a secure spot in our future. It is our way of carrying love, in all its beautiful resilience, forward through time.

Yes, memories are beautiful gifts. They help us honor the story that’s been written so far and the story we will still write as we courageously continue on (even though the story looks different than we ever imagined it would). Memories will comfort and remain and weave their way through every new day.

Perhaps most importantly, memories are meant to be shared. So when you’re ready, I hope you share them. ❤️

… Memories Remain

As I look back through photos and videos and I remember all the times Tom hauled boxes, set up shelves, rearranged the store, sat and knit, ran the sales counter for Superbowl Sunday or Camp iwannaknit, I started thinking about how much events, projects, and stories Tom was involved in for Knitting Today. I’ll likely share some of them later on as I spend more time working on what the future looks like for my work . But, what memories remain for you? Do you have any you would like to share? Have you associated a project with a memory? Share away….

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