Knitting and coffee

Lyn texted … Are you available Saturday morning? I have a split stitch about 40 rows back and it’s in garter stitch. Sure, said I. I’ll bring my seed stitcher/fix it tool. (sorry we didn’t turn off the mic) garter stitch repair with seed stitcher/ fix-it tool (you tube link) And after a cup of coffee for me …

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A day at the lake

My office for the day Yeah, you caught me. Actually I’m taking a sunshine break from my downstairs office. While I’m out and about, thought I’d show you the new packing station, yep, in the corner of our kitchen. And what happens in the kitchen for the first time in almost a year? A shiny …

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My studio

Lorna Miser showed a picture of her huge loft studio on Facebook, so I thought I’d show the progress on my space. First, the south wall. The right side is full of magazine collections. The left is being filled with ufo projects as I unearth them. The east wall has two machines, the lk-150 and …

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