It’s Been A Year

knitted samples for craft show display

Wow! Has it really been a year since I posted here? So much has happened and time has flown, yet so much has happened and time has crawled. Do you ever feel that?

I’m learning …. how to fix sump pumps, how to fix heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, car repairs.
I’m learning …. how to make choices about flooring, paint, lighting, trim, door and window replacements.
I’m learning …. how to live on my own again and make choices about travel, food, exercise, routines.
I’m learning …. how to be alive.

What’s next?

Well, our family room has become my studio and office. I’m getting it arranged so I can have small intimate groups for knitting classes. I’m working on some potential residential retreat possibilities. I’m working on fixing things that are broken like my website, some ebay listings, and my confidence. And, I’m learning how to use new programs for page layout and design, video capture and live broadcasting. Anyways, here’s a picture of the new space. Isn’t it exciting?

photo of empty design studio for Knitting Today

Event News

Display of knitted items at a craft show

I did my first event without Tom. Haley, my daughter and her son, Evan, were exceptional helpers getting things loaded, hauled and unloaded. I decided I need to lighten my load without my UPS man here to help, so I only took a few things for hand knitting and demonstrated the knitting machine. Evan took right to it, as he has over the years, and knit a pumpkin design. I’ll share that in another post. But here are the pictures where he is learning the LK150. And, in the other shot making scarves on the little Barbie knitter I got for my other daughter Tara when she was about his age. Notice that Tara’s son, Maverick, is wearing Evan’s back-zip baby jacket in the same yarn that Evan is using on the barbie knitter. I had no clue and just grabbed some odds and ends from my stash. Serendipity. Aren’t they adorable?

Join Me On the Porch (porchtalk.knittingtoday.com)

Since the website is broken, I wanted to put the invitation here to have you join me on the virtual porch with your knitting and crafting. Porchtalk is run on the app Mighty Networks and is the home for classes, chats, and live demonstrations. There is both a website and an app available. They have recently updated everything and I’m working on setting up an easier navigation and spaces for us to get the most use out of the functions they added. Curious? Join me!

Until next time ….. Knit Onward! ~Lea-Ann

P.S. Please feel free enter below or email me with any comments, questions or requests.

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