testing the upgrade

If this works, we’re going to party tonight!!!! What do you think??

Thanks to awarpedknitter for pointing out that the comments link doesn’t work from the main page.  In order to comment, you have to click on the post title and then it works.

5 thoughts on “testing the upgrade”

  1. A. Warped, Knitter

    I don’t want to mess up the party but…Have other readers figured out that, as there is no “comments” link, one must click on the post name to get to the comments? Am I the only one who finds this awkward?

  2. ahh, will figure it out. I thought the “leave a response” meant to comment . . yes, very awkward. I’ll only leave this template on for a short time though too . . .

  3. Love it! SO very festive. This is a super new change. Very up to date and welcoming to new users I think.I would rather see the snowflakes here than outside too!

  4. Hi: I couldn’t stand not having the comments link work and couldn’t find out how to fix it so I changed the format. I think I really like this one, even without the snowflakes. The pictures at the top change and I like being able to see where you are at with the grey boxes turning to dark. And, I can snap pictures from my phone and upload directly to the blog. You can expect more “sneaks” now. I did that with the Quilt Happy post . . . any comments? Lea-Ann

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