Sometimes you just have to start

a new project.  Even though I have two sweaters and a Christmas stocking to finish for customers, a knitalong to lead in full o’ sheep, a sweater pattern to edit for a vendor, a website to update, class schedule to publish, a  play bill to get printed, folded and stapled, this fabulous new yarn, Boku from Plymouth Yarn, arrived, and the pattern, Ayako Jacket from Knitwhits, has been waiting for it.

So, what do I do? Take a Sunday afternoon and start knitting!  This pattern has unique construction and I expected it to be difficult, but its not. First, a gauge swatch is not required.  Do you need picked up off the floor? Plus, its a four row repeat and it grows fast since the length is measured along the straight edge.  And, finally, I’m enjoying the yarn, the color changes and the hiyahiya wooden circulars. So, I have started listening to knitting  podcasts to set aside some knitting time daily.

What about you? Do you have a  sweater on the needles? Do you have a new yarn you are trying? Would you like to join me in knitting Ayako? The next sweater night is Thursday, November 11 … Call right away and we’ll get your yarn ordered. And, lastly, what knitting podcasts do you listen to?


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to start”

  1. Have you found “The Knitwits” Podcast or “Knitting Pipeline” yet? I also listen to Cogknitive, Knitcents, Knitmore Girls, Sticks and String, Never Not Knitting, She-Knits, SavvyGirls and too many more to mention!

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