Good News…. Bad News

Good news- I have a new pair of slippers!  Very toasty….  Bad news- my poor husband has none.  Bad news that would be good news if I didn’t have so many other things to knit- I have to make a pair of felted clogs.  Humbug!

Rosa Parks Scarf

One of those other things to knit is the Rosa Parks scarf from the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonder book.  I have been slowly knitting the hat from the September DreamClub.  I have been forcing myself to knit this hat and not enjoying it (very obviously, since it’s been on the needles since September and it’s A HAT for crying out loud). I don’t wear hats, my daughter doesn’t wear hats, not a single person in my family is a hat person and I have no one to give this thing to and I finally asked myself a question last night.  I said to myself “Susan, why are you allowing this lovely yarn to languish, attached to a hat you don’t like when there are so many projects that you’d enjoy in the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonder book?”  The only answer I had for myself was “because you are an idiot, that’s why”.  So I am frogging, and re-winding the yarn and I am going to make this beautiful scarf.  And I’m happy.

I also need to make a pair of wristers to match my daughter’s socks.  Going to stick them in her stocking.  I want to finish my Baby Alpaca scarf.  Need to do some wristers for a friend (would like to do socks, but how do I measure her feet without her suspecting something?) And then there are those darn felted clogs!  I have so many things in progress and so many things I haven’t even started yet. I think I need a top 10 15 20 list.  And way more free time.  😛

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