Slant on Nature knitalong starts Thursday night 6-9

Ty-dy yarn samplesO

oh, oh, oh, we have a Slant on Nature in the pumpkin-ish colorways on display right now!  They sent a variety of samples for display for retreat.  So, I started my Slant project and did the largest size.  It was too small!  I waited until I took the Whip your Knits class and have my pattern shape.  I started knitting until my knitting fits my shape, figured out how to do the underarm shaping.  I went to Marching Band practice last night with Haley intending to knit and k nit and knit and while I could do that, I didn’t have my shape.  I was wearing my new white overblouse that Heather so kindly took a picture and posted all over facebook on, took it off, laid it out, and put my shape to it.  PERFECT!  I now know my Slant will fit like my white blouse!!  I can wear it everyday and use it as a pattern – NOT.  I’m taking lots of notes on what I’ve done and hope to be able to share my fit ideas at the knitalong Thursday night.  If you haven’t registered and have purchased ty-dy cotton for a sweater, call in and get on the list.  We’ll meet from 6-9 (although I haven’t figured out how I’m going to get my kids where they need to be that night yet).  Lea-Ann

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  1. I should be there. I have not had time to knit much lately therefore I have done nothing but decide what needle to use with my type of knitting. Hopefully you will share your hints with those that were not able to make the class at Retreat?

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