Anatomy of the Sweater: Part 4

The hood is a breeze! I loved it with the cables on the side. It’s feminine but comfy looking. Anyways, I have a hint for the section between the hood rounds and the body. When I first knitted it, I never decreased liked it asked. I found that out at Sweater night, and Mom wanted me to tear back and follow the pattern. I ripped it later that night; but when I did, I noticed that the decreased number would make the ribbing out of pattern with the 8 stitch cable repeat. I’m saying the pattern: cable repeat, purl two, slip marker, k2 p2 until marker. At the end, it is two purl stitches, slip marker, two purl stitches, cable repeat.  That’s weird looking right? But it’s just the hood and no one would see. What if I wore the hood up? It’s weird looking then. Let’s have it look right, here we come math! So let’s get you caught up.

At that point, the pattern wants you to decrease 20 stitches on the next right side row. We got out the Sweater 101 book that had a math equation for us to know how to decrease evenly. Instead, decrease 18 to have the two extra stitches (don’t worry, it’ll balance out with the increases coming).  With the decrease of 18, you get to miss your first increase when you start to divide the sweater out by left front, left sleeve, back, right sleeve,  right front. When I increased, I skipped the increase on the front left and right pieces. The next repeat row, I was at the number she wanted.

Ta-da! Math can do some good. I did keep increasing longer than I should have because of my armhole but that’s the next lesson.

For more lovely information, check out the book and this website: http://howtoknitasweater.com/

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