Opal out of the box!

The new Opal is checked in and ready for the needles! Click here to see the Masken Ball; click here to see the Best of Rainforest.

I cast on a pair of footies using Happy Feet color 25 Spring Blossom for my daughter this weekend- a nice quick project for when the rain hits us. She is loving the bright colors and cannot wait for them to be done. I have to admit that the colors are looking quite cool. I’m thinking that there might even be enough for a pair of footies for me, as well. I have a hard time getting projects done in the spring because after a long winter indoors I just cannot wait to be out in my garden and flower beds. I spent two days this weekend cleaning up the flower bed and splitting all the bulbs that are choking out my perrenials and I thoroughly enjoyed each minute. Not so much the aching in my back and booty but I guess you can’t have one without the other. I got just over half way done (it’s a very big flower bed) and hope to get another hour or two in this afternoon. Hubbie tilled the garden for me and I picked up my seeds this weekend. So… not a whole lot got done on the footies- not quite to the heel on the first one but if we get the rain they are forecasting I should be able to knock off a pair before I can get back outside. When I get the footies done I’ll post a pic of them on her little tootsies.

5 thoughts on “Opal out of the box!”

  1. A. Warped, Knitter

    Humm, I’m surprised that there’s any of the Opal left. I heard that some greedy people, who shall remain unnamed, hauled the box out and brought a bunch of it while you were gone. In fact, some of it I never even saw as someone had gotten there before me. Which should not be taken as a confession that I had purchased any of the Masken Ball or the Rainforest with the butterfly, either, I don’t care what Lynne says!

  2. Hmmm… butterfly, huh? Isn’t that a confession in and of itself? I did notice yesterday that the Knitosophy seemed to be missing a few hanks and I do believe that butterfly was one of those hanks…. I was laughing yesterday thinking of us pawing through the box when the Knitosophy came in- it was like a back room drug deal for yarn junkies what with Lea-Ann and I inhaling and passing it around and all. Sometimes I am really glad there aren’t hidden cameras around here.

    As for the Opal- there were colors that I didn’t even see and I’m supposed to be the first stop! 🙂

  3. A. Warped, Knitter

    Speaking of the Knitosophy- did you ever find out the meaning of the panties? I thought that might make an interesting contest, have everyone submit her theory and the best/funniest/oddest wins.

  4. Gotta tell you something funny- we had a police officer sitting in the parking lot today and after several minutes of sitting in the car and looking at his laptop he started coming to the door. We started joking about how someone had reported the above comment re: back room drug deals and how he was here to bust us and confiscate our “drugs”. Wouldn’t he have been disappointed to find out he was dealing with a bunch of yarn sniffers?
    Mary- I like the contest idea. That could be very interesting.

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