Promised Pics and a Sneak Peek!

I was reading the comments from yesterday and realized that I had not shared where we went for vacation. Sometimes I forget to share little details like that because I know what I’m talking about- it only occurs to me later (or when someone points it out) that I left out information. So, my hubbie and kids and I spent last week on Indian Rocks Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. We had a lovely condo right on the beach- which also had a heated pool and a hot tub. The first day was a little chilly and windy due to an approaching storm that hit overnight.  With the exception of depositing lots of shells and jellyfish on the beach it didn’t really impact us at all.   The rest of the days were just warm enough to not be cold, but not too hot. It was absolutely perfect- we didn’t go anywhere except John’s Pass to see the dolphins (I stayed behind with a sick child) and out to dinner a couple of nights. Wouldn’t have done me any good to know where the yarn shops were because if they weren’t hawking yarn on the beach I wasn’t getting any. I told my kids before we left that we weren’t doing any of the “attractions” because when you have a condo on the beach the beach is the attraction! Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment:

The Gulf at early evening

Lots of shells because of a storm

The Last Sunset

"King" of the beach
These guys are so much fun to watch!

I always leave thinking that I really should live by water. Something about the sound of waves washing in, or a running brook is so soothing. If I couldn’t live by an ocean, or a mountainside creek, I could make due with a small, placid lake.

I feel like there is something that I am forgetting to do. Oh, yeah- it’s the SNEAK PEEK! See how I made you look all through the pictures and read my babble before I got to the good stuff? Makes me feel so powerful- bwah ha ha!


Knitosophy is finally here! This yarn is so cool! It’s the same base as Smooshy but it is flash dyed so the color plays randomly throughout the yarn.  It is offered in a 4 oz. / 450 yard skein; as you can see, the colors are spectacular.  Just so you know, I have dibs on the orange/pinks blend, or maybe the blues blend, or the purples.  Okay, so I’m not completely sure about which color, but I have dibs on something.  Maybe this is the year of the sock after all!

2 thoughts on “Promised Pics and a Sneak Peek!”

  1. Wow Susan you are right on time with April’s new stuff. The pictures are great and it looks and sounds like you had a great time. One of these days I want to take a vacation where we are actually on vacation and not visiting family or a business trip. That new sock yarn might be calling my name, why do you tempt me so?

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