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One little bundle

makes the cutest things.  That’s right, just one skein makes a baby sweater:

Cotton Kisses Baby Sweater

One skein is 396 yards of yarn and its only $13.95.  Choose to knit either pattern, the polo pullover shown above or a v-neck cardigan and yes, the ball of yarn includes the pattern and buttons!  You might want to pick up another ball and make a matching or complementary bib and booties though.  And, the matching ripple baby blanket only takes two balls — let’s do some baby knitting!  Buy your yarn here:

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  1. Such a cute sweater, who made the sample? Wish I had someone I could make this for…What sizes are the sweater, infant, toddler or what? Might have to check with my nephew to see what his daughter’s size is.

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