We took the plunge!!

Got a new computer this weekend and made the jump from PC to Mac.  My husband is not a try something new kind of guy and I really didn’t think I would talk him into making the switch.  Well, Boy #2 decided he just had to go with us when we picked it out (probably to ensure we had someone with a bit of cool factor with us) and we were talking on the way down and Boy is telling us that we simply must get a Mac because the monitor is “way awesome” and there is no tower, and various other things that have nothing to do with the function of the computer.  I was trying to get him to tell me something truly relevant that would help my case (hubbie was getting a tad tired of hearing the word “awesome” at this point) when he finally said “Well, (friend) has never gotten a virus”.  To which my husband (gotta love him) says in a frustrated voice “That’s because Macs don’t get viruses!  They’re all written for Windows!”.  A very short moment of silence after which I say “you’ve kind of proven his point there” at the same time that Boy says “EXACTLY”.  Thus, we have a Mac.

So far I am in love with the thing (could be because the 27″ screen is incredible).  I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play but what I have figured out so far is that it is SO EASY!  My kids have already found out that the iMovie and iPhotoBooth are a hoot.  It’s going to take a while to get used to but I really think I am going to have no regrets.  The little I have done has been pretty simple to figure out. 

So, does anybody out there have a Mac?  Or do you know someone that does?  If so, what are the thoughts, the loves, the not-so-greats?  It’s killing me that I haven’t had time to do much of anything.  I do realize the asking opinions after the purchase is a bit cart-before-the-horse but I am interested in what others have experienced.

On a side note- the Green Chick bags are in and as expected each is very unique.  There are two sizes and several different “features”.  These aren’t going to be online, so you’ll have to pop in the shop to see them.  – Susan

4 thoughts on “We took the plunge!!”

  1. Hi Susan, that is unfair I just cannot pop into the store. I have not perfected the nose switching yet to get there in a timely fashion. DARN!

    I have no experience with Mac but I have also heard nothing about them so they must be good. Right?

    (Waiting patiently for Cat’s book, maybe 2010 is the year of the sock as clearly 2009 was not.)

  2. Hi, Kathy! You’re book is going in the system today and will be shipped this afternoon! I’m having a hard time letting it go- it is very good. Oh, well… next shipment.

    Have you found the library yet? LYS?

  3. Well, I’ll put a picture of the Green Chick bags online for you Kathy, because obviously Susan couldn’t find the camera (maybe I need to get one of those photobooth monitors for her at work). I’ve heard nothing but how cool this Mac is and I don’t even have a free moment to run over to her house to check it out. She gets Friday and Saturday off so maybe she can play and get it out of her system — haha!

    P.S. to everyone: Lest you think Susan is only daydreaming while at work, she did put up new pictures of the Zealana yarns today– link is https://www.knittingtoday.com/go.mvc?ID=zealana The Kauri Fingering is calling my name to knit something, maybe a lace scarf and I want to do Fetching in Rimu DK. Sorry your in too warm a climate, Kathy!

  4. Hi Susan and Lea-Ann, Yay I will wait patiently for the book. I just got confirmation of the sock club I joined that it will ship soon also so I am reaping in the good stuff. Somewhat a belated Birthday gift for myself. Drove around the town some today and had my first pedicure. Not quite what I was thinking it would be but she did a good job. Not sure I will go back to her but I should try a few other places here in town before I make the final decision.

    No library yet but did get the car registered and licensed and my new drivers license. I cannot travel till the thing arrives as they take the old one. Not a very efficient method plus there is only one place for the whole city of Odessa with almost 100K people. I have been catching up on watching tapes I recorded from last TV season. I am almost caught up such that I can watch the programs I have been recording for the current TV season.

    I have heard nothing but good things about the new Cat book so I am really looking forward to reading/experimenting with the patterns. Susan you have sure been busy, so much neat stuff and I can only look at it over the internet. Oh well….

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