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Many knitters come into the store using many different types of needles. Personally,  I try to stick with size 8 needles and not go too small. Some knitters are big needle gals and always look for chunky/bulky yarn. This book has the patterns featured in Plymouth Yarns such as Encore,  Galway, etc. The patterns include afghans,  sweaters,  scarves,  home decor,  and accessories. All have different stitch patterns and look alluring. There’s a mans sweater that is absolutely gorgeous ( and no,  I’m not looking at the guy). Since we do stock in Plymouth Yarns,  we can special order any non-discontinued yarn. If you would like to special order,  please call at 1-800-426-5098.


Knitting Outside the lines. Unfortunately,  I like to stay inside the lines. But if you want to go beyond,  check out Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. The photography and stories are beautiful. It melts your heart. The patterns include some for ladies,  babies,  for the house,  kids,  and accessories. As I scanned the pages and read stories,  I found out some of these yarns are great brands. Mom is yelling,  “What is going on back there?”  My reply:  “I’m reading!!!  I also need more yarn!”  This is a must have.


Again,  I’m a history junkie. Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting includes the history of Fair Isle knitting. I adore the technique. If there was a museum of Fair Isle knitting,  I would get lost on purpose and never make it out.  Mom also loves this technique.  Just look at this picture: *click here*

I’ve done many projects in Fair Isle,  but I don’t do it the correct way.  I twist instead of actually creating Fair Isle.  When I make a mistake,  it’s hard to untangled. This may help me with the “correct” approach. Alice has done a great job of showing colors,  techniques,  pattern,  and creating your own.  During a quick break,  I  had to describe what made my life so exclamatory in the back room.  I told the Tuesday Lace Group about these books and received some opinions.  They highly suggest  the Book of Fair Isle Knitting.  ‘It’s a classic.’ It’s a great addition to your knitting book collection.


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