Back to School Book Special

It’s the season for learning! Ever wanted to go beyond with your knitting and try new techniques from books? Well, we have a special coupon for you. It’s 30% off all hand knitting books! This coupon lasts until September 2, 2011.

Books you might want to check out:

Sometimes saving for Christmas is year round to buy presents for family, friends, or people we just care about. This book can get you started early for Christmas that is four months away! I can’t believe it’s getting close either. I have college break in December. Anyways, people love handcrafted stockings. My mom made me one with my name embroidered, and I want it hanging up each year (sad thing, it’s usually in the store).



I love history and ancient cultures. When we learned about Incan Pyramids, Mayan culture, and Aztecs, I fell in love with how they lived.  A lot of people knit Norweigan patterns which is great. I like their patterns as well. But this book captures beauty of another place. I wonder how they wear such warm sweaters in a hot climate? The equator is near!


Two (okay maybe three) books I really love are from the Elsebeth Lavold Collection.  She has lovely designs to go with her titles.

 My first book is Book Nineteen, The Wellington Collection. Not only because, Dad knit George from this book, but also the model for George is quite stunning 😉 . All the patterns are done out of Eucool, a lovely DK wool and eucalyptus blend.

My second favorite book of the Elsebeth Lavold Collection would be Book Eight, The Enchanted Garden Collection. Just the title itself makes everything seem magical. The sweaters are classy and intricate. Beauty just sprouts from the trees. My next favorite is Book Sixteen, The Touch of Romance Collection.  It has sweaters to anyone who can fall in love– even the dog!

So check out our books, that was just a sneak peek  😉

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