Kitchener + Puppy = AAAACCK!

Titus - The newest addition to the Young family

This is our new puppy, whom we have christened Titus.  Isn’t he adorable?  He is very sweet.  Except when I am trying to knit.  Then he is not so cute.  I am constantly trying to re-direct the chewing and putting him outside to do his thing, or pushing him off of me.  I finally got the gumption to Kitchener the Bamboo Ewe shawl that has been finished for nearly a month and was seriously wishing I had done it as soon as the shawl was finished.  (Pre-puppy in other words.)  He was sleeping when I began to graft but of course did not stay that way.  I thought I was doing very well, given the circumstances, but when I was maybe 8 stitches from being done, I discovered a stitch that had dropped clear back in the beginning.  I got it fastened with a locking stitch marker so it wouldn’t run and when I was done I went back and stitched back up and picked it up when I wove in the end.

Bamboo Ewe Shawl

I defy anyone to find said stitch. I did a very good job of it, if I do say so myself.  Now, the join itself is another story. Because of the dropped stitch I can see where I am clearly off in the lace where it joins, but I refuse to take it all out and re-do it.  I also thought I was plenty loose, but it sure looks pretty tight now that it’s done.  I’m hoping it will even out in the blocking.   I did enjoy knitting the shawl.  It was a very easy pattern to memorize with only a four row repeat, and the yarn is really very nice.  I had a problem with splitting while grafting, but I cannot blame the yarn for that- that’s all me.  I’ll get it blocked over the weekend and see if I can’t get it on Ravelry sometime soon.

Very stormy here so I think I’ll shut down the computer before I fry my beloved Mac!



1 thought on “Kitchener + Puppy = AAAACCK!”

  1. You have storms we have fire, one got a little too close for comfort or rather too close to husband for my comfort, but all is good now. Too beautiful new items in the family, one more cute than the other but only one will require continual input. As I mentioned on FB I read on some threads on Rav about people training their new puppies with bells when they need to go out, have you ever done that or heard about that method? How does new addition get along with the feline members of the family?

    Did you ever finish your Ty Dy Tee for Two? That is next on my list of potential things to work on so I was just curious.

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