the value of a blog?

As we head into the summer months, I’m taking some time to evaluate my to-do list and decide what needs my attention the most. Please give me your input, not about my blog but about blog-reading in general:
What value do you place on blog reading? Is it something you do daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally?

What do you look for from blogs: conversation, great writing, store news, free patterns, book reviews, finished project updates, contests, giveaways links to purchase? Other?

Do you read blogs directly or through other sources? RSS feed, ravelry feed, facebook feed or twitter, other??

Anything else I haven’t thought of??

Looking forward to your feedback! Lea-Ann

5 thoughts on “the value of a blog?”

  1. I read blogs regularly. Daily, sometimes more than once a day if I’ve spotted something but don’t have time right at the moment. I am this year writing blog entries daily as part of my Fiber Motivation and Joy 11 for 11 process. I needed Fiber MOJO! Still do so it is always a work in progress.

    When I read blogs like this one. I watch for sale and class information. Store updates and periodic personal updates.

    One thing I have learned about blogging and it really came home yesterday, you never know who you touch. Writing is a wonderful outlet and can inspire others. You don’t have to do it every day unless you are insane. Once a month is awesome. Whenever new yarns come in would be great. Blogging shouldn’t be a stress inducing event.

    I see stuff on Facebook, also once I subscribe to a blog I am using Google Reader. I have a long list of specific type of blog on my own blog page. This helps me keep up with blogs I am particularly interested in AND in the event my blog is short and folks have time there are lots of others within the same genre. I am good with that.

  2. Hi Lea-Ann, I, like Heather, read a blog daily and may even check in with them several times a day to see if there has been something added. I enjoy any news about the shop and what is going on with you and everyone else there. I like to see updates on projects that are being knit by you or Susan or anyone else, maybe customers. Also updates on specials or upcoming events would be great too. I know it is difficult to keep this going but I do check it out and other blogs often. I do use Facebook but prefer blogs over that method but I am not going to use Twitter as enough is enough…I do need to time to knit.

  3. I check blogs at least once weekly.. I would check more if it was updated more often. I don’t use Twitter and am not much on facebook.. I like to see new products,projects being worked on and specials.. Classes also.. anything you think a customer would like to know about your store..

  4. I read blogs almost daily. I had a list of them in my favorites that I would check first and then I also have a blog reader set up. I like to hear about everything you listed. Since I’m so far away from all my favorite knitters (and spinners and weavers) I use blogs to check up on how everyone is and what they are doing.
    I’m not nearly as good about writing on my own blog. Not as funny as other people and not as informative either. (I have been good about commenting on Heather’s blog during this Fiber Motivation and Joy 11 for 11 process she’s going through. It keeps me knitting or something fiber related every day.) She’s keeping me motivated right now too.

  5. I have some blogs I read first thing every day. Some I check every two or three days. Some, that are only updated once in awhile; I only check one or twice a month. I have noticed for a lot of bloggers; when it becomes a chore they go into hibernation.

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