Just a little something to make you laugh

You know how sometimes something happens that really ticks you off, but even at the time it happens you know that it’s funny?  In an angry sort of way at the moment, but you know that you will look back and laugh?  You also know that if it was happening to someone else you would already be laughing?  Welcome to my morning.  Here’s the story… feel free to laugh at me.

I took advantage of the still relatively cool morning today and decided to do Bible study on the deck by the pool.  It was lovely- slight breeze, sunny sky, birds chirping, yada yada.  Took the pup out with me so he could enjoy the morning before he got stuck in his crate for the day and he was having a good time chewing sticks, chasing cats, and all those puppy things and I thought “oh, he’s so cute.”   I finished my study and had maybe 25 minutes to get my hair done and get to work (hard to believe, I know, since I always look so well put together *snort*), so I call to the pup and he just looks at me.  Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced this, but there comes a day when every puppy gets old enough to realize that he can run away from you and there is no way on God’s green earth that you can catch him.  And when he realizes this he looks at you with this smirky expression and you know that he knows this, and what’s worse is that you know that he knows that you know this.  Thus begins the stand off.  I spent the next 10 minutes doing the whole cajole and bribe thing while he silently laughed at me and ran just out of my reach before sitting down and waiting for me to try again.  His cuteness is diminishing by the second.  Usually I just turn my back on him and go in the house and he cannot stand this; he likes to be where I am so he runs to the door and begs for me to let him in.  That was my plan, however this is not what happens, because when I get to the door IT IS LOCKED!  No big deal, we have at least a bazillion spare keys and there is one in the garage so I go to get it, ignoring the dog so he doesn’t think he’s still winning the “you can’t catch me” game and I go in and THE KEY IS NOT THERE!  (I know that you are already picturing this and laughing.  That’s okay because it gets better)  I walk around the house looking for an unlocked window because I had just shut up the house and turned on the air this morning.  Had this happened yesterday all the windows would have been wide open, but not today.  And I am so anal that I had even locked all the windows.  ggggrrrrrrr.  Head back around the house to the garage for one more look-see just in case one of the kids tossed the key on the workbench.  Nope- still not there.  This is when I realize that I am going to have to humble myself (again) and walk to my MIL’s to get the spare key (again) that we have given her because this is not the first (or even second) time that this has happened.  Which means that I have to catch the pup and hook him to his leash so he cannot follow me as I walk down the road to retrieve the key.   I may have cursed under my breath.  Or out loud.  I’m not sure because at this point I was really mad.  After a few minutes of pretending I didn’t want him, he decided to take pity on me and come over to slobber his victory all over me.  So now the dog is on the leash and I turn to walk down the road and realize that I had come outside barefoot.  Of course.  Walk barefoot down the road to MIL’s and my nephew is outside working on the landscaping and he says “whatever you want we don’t have”.  I dare you to come a little closer and say that because you are not funny.  “you’d better have my house key or I’m screwed” is my actual reply.  I walk into the mud room and thank you Jesus the key is hanging right where it should be.  At least someone keeps the keys where they belong.  As I begin the trek across the yard and down the road I can hear my nephew laughing and he yells “what’s wrong?  lock yourself out?  again?”.   I flipped him off over my shoulder and kept walking.  Not very nice of me and I will have to apologize later.  The day that was lovely and not too hot just a while ago has become very much hot and humid and I am sweating and mad and would somebody tell those birds to just shut up already!  When I get home the pup is waiting to go inside and collapse and I have roughly 3 minutes to get unsweaty and presentable and get to work.  I was only 10 minutes late.  Not bad, considering I took the time to find an old paddle from a dead windchime and tie it to a spare key that I found in the pencil drawer. (if your key is missing and you have children always look there first.  I do not know why this is, but I almost always find one in amongst the pencils)  I’m hoping that it will be impossible to shove the key into a Trapper this way, but I’m not placing any bets.

There is your laugh for the day.  Enjoy.  I’m sure I will laugh tomorrow.  or the next day at the very latest.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Just a little something to make you laugh”

  1. Lea-Ann,
    Thank you for sharing. Of course I was laughing but also thinking I’ve had mornings like this and kind of feeling bad for you. Call and apologize to the wise-acre nephew immediately. Get a nice long long lead to tie the puppy to you for those lovely mornings you take pity on him before work. This way your joyous Bible study will retain its quality through out your day in future. May you have MANY wonderful morning Bible study on the deck!

  2. Hi Heather-
    The upper left corner just under the title will save you future confusion. Thank you for the well wishes, just the same. Nephew has been apologized to, children and dog have been forgiven and all is well.
    Funny side note- this morning 16 year old son was looking for his FFA keychain to put on his house key (which, it turns out is the one that belongs in the garage. lol) and was having no luck finding it so my 11 year old daughter says “I know where it is. I saw it last night”. Two guesses as to where she pulled it from. Yep- the pencil drawer. Too funny!

  3. Noticed when looking at the pages with comments, the blog author is missing. I’ll add it to my to-do list.

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