It’s been HOW LONG?

Wow!  I was just thinking that it sure had been a while since I blogged so I checked and I was right…. November something-or-other.  My, oh my, where has my time gone?  Well, a lot of it was spent renovating upstairs.  I finally threw in the towel and we hired someone to finish it.  I was stuck at hanging the drywall.  Let’s be honest here, it wasn’t ever going to get done.  I am now priming and painting, I’ve ordered the carpet and our contractor wants to know when he can come do woodwork and hang the doors.  There is a small, but bright light at the end of this seemingly infinite tunnel. 

I am sad to report that very little has happened on the knitting front.  I have made a pair of Alpine boots (thought I had a pic, but evidently not on this computer), but still haven’t gotten around to the felted door mitten because I just do not find myself with that luxurious thing called time.  I do have two more pair of the boots on que- one for my son and another for my daughter that I’ve got to do soon or they may as well wait until next winter.  However, I am trying to finish my daughter’s cross stitch stocking because I feel terrible that it isn’t done.  She is very sweet about it and that somehow makes me feel worse. :-(  I have vowed to curb the knitting instinct until it is finished, or maybe when I am down to the beading.  Or until I feel like poking someones eye out with a knitting needle and really need to soothe the beast.  Whichever comes first. 

However,  (there is always a “however” with me) we have the new Shepherd’s Wool Fingering which is really making me itch to try lace- just something small, like the Reversible Lace Ladders scarf.  It only takes one skein and really wouldn’t be that difficult.   Also, I am intrigued by the newest Elsebeth Lavold book The Small Things Matter Collection.  She’s incorporated a bit of felting and has created some smaller projects that have the Viking Knit influence.  Very interesting.

 Too many things floating around in my head and not enough time.  You know those little helper elves in that fairy tale “The Cobbler’s Elves”?  Wonder where I can get some?  Just a few.  Don’t want to be greedy or selfish.  – Susan

3 thoughts on “It’s been HOW LONG?”

  1. To have made the decision to hire someone may be the best thing you ever did. Just looking at what needs to be done can really get you in a big funk. Hopefully the load was lifted and you can move on to other things. I know making the decision is always the toughest but once made can be so wonderful.

    The knitting items will be done when they are done so do not lose sleep over that. I am currently working on some felted slippers using the fingering weight Shepherd’s wool that should be in the store by Friday, that is if I feel better. The yarn is wonderful to work with and so soft. It will be interesting to see how it felts up. Making the slippers from the Vivian Hoxbro using mitered squares so it is not really a quick knit just keep plugging away….


  2. Susan, don’t feel bad.. my snowman is still naked and has no facial features… ok he is a little scary looking… think about all the things you have gotten done… really there are things that are getting done…

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