I made a liar out of myself

So, by Wednesday evening I had already started another knitting project.  It wasn’t a pair of boots or a door mitten.  And I could have picked up my sweater but I didn’t.  My daughter has basketball practice on Wed. evenings and since she is only 9 I don’t like to leave her and go home  even though it’s only roughly 5 miles away.  I just know something horrible will happen and I won’t be there to fix it, so I stay and use my super-human danger repelling mom powers so that all will be well.  She, of course, is oblivious to the high stakes drama taking place in my imagination, but that’s okay.  She is safe and that’s all that matters.

How could I not capitalize on this prime knitting time?  Had to have something very small and easy as we have to sit on these child sized benches and of course there’s the mom chat that goes on while we’re watching practice so I can’t really concentrate. The obvious choice for moments such as these is socks, so I pulled out some sock yarn and away we went.  I started the slip stitch sock pattern from Ravelry (by I think, Criminy Jickets?) and have decided that these are my ball practice socks.  I should be able to finish them before her season is over because they are as close to a basic sock as you can get without the standard ribbed leg.

Everyone around me can rest easy knowing that there will be no eye poking or stressed out tantrums or anything of that nature.  Also, the paint is going on the walls upstairs so it is down to a matter of a few weeks before the assorted upstairs furniture that has migrated downstairs is back in it’s rightful place.  Soon all will be back to normal, or at least as normal as things get, and the usual routine can resume. 

 Big sigh… :-)  -Susan

1 thought on “I made a liar out of myself”

  1. No you did not make a liar out of yourself. You just needed the correct project for that situation and apparently you did not have it so you HAD to start something else. There are certain projects that can only be worked in certain places and at certain times, so you just had to get one of those going.

    Sounds good to me and I am sticking to it!

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