I just can’t leave knitting!

Welcome to my life.  Knitting has been a good thing.  Knitting has done wonders for me in the past. Today was the grand opening of the LaGrange County Fair. I entered my Rainbow Tam.

The Rainbow Tam is a free pattern from www.knitty.com called Three Tams.  We have a add on if you would like to make it a slouchy tam instead of a more fitting one.

For these tams, we use Shepherd’s Wool and Noro Kureyon. It makes a great variation. As I entered it in the fair, the judge had nothing to comment about. She liked it and gave me a blue ribbon.

Knitting has also traveled with me to an art portfolio review. I decided since it’s a needle “art” I can show my professor. I told him that this is considered art and showed him my knitting. He laughed! He said he had a dream about knitting the other night. How crazy is that? Anyways, I ended up with a six hundred dollar scholarship for my art classes.

Recently, a friend of mine had a baby girl. I wanted to knit something nice for her and decided a baby hat. Well, it did not turn out right. While at work, I flipped through a Creative Knitting magazine and found a pattern called Ollie the Octopus.

I decided to knit it out of leftovers of  Dream in Color Classy. It’s the colors that make up the Tulip Baby Sweater. It was weird because it wasn’t knit in the round, so I changed the legs to be in the round and seamed up the part knit flat, but I finished it! I’ll be giving it to her soon. A cool simile was stated by the grandpa. He said when they change her diaper, she squirms like a little octopus! Too perfect, right?

As I am starting college, I have some friends who want to learn and make their own projects.  My favorite thing we have now is cowls. They are so cute and fun! I’m into scarves and want to make some for my friends that are going away to college. I have a challenge from the head of the sales department of SMC, the yarn company that produces Schachenmeyer, Nashua and Regia. He wants me to knit the longest scarf and show him at TNNA-Phoenix this January. (I’ll be going, right mom????) So, I’ll be knitting that with slouchy hats and finishing up my monster Hugo from the Rebecca Danger book.  Speaking of Hugo, is anyone else knitting monsters?  We might participate in a travelling monster show!!

So many projects! A lot of less time with me at art camp all of July! Stop in and say hi to Mom. She’ll get lonely without me! 😉

3 thoughts on “I just can’t leave knitting!”

  1. Hi Tara, I hope blue is a good ribbon, I am unfamiliar with the ribbon process for 4-H. I may be unfamiliar with that but I do know a beautiful tam when I see one so congratulations for the tam. Also great job in getting the help with your summer class, I hope you continue to receive accolades for your knitting. Have a great summer and enjoy it before college starts. I have noticed that there are many patterns in the magazines now for these cute critters so I am sure you will find many more to express your creativity and maybe impress your instruction also.

  2. Blue is great. Red is not the best. Participation…. man that is a bummer. I received an Overall Grand Champion and Champion Ribbon (means I did excellent). It’ll be going to the state fair!

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